Life and Death at the Border: the Migrant Perspective in Morocco. (trailer)


Europe has been in an economic crisis for almost 10 years. This crisis was caused by speculation in financial markets by the elite one-percent.

Yet right wing media and politicians have persistently blamed European economic problems on migrants and refugees.

Now, in a time when schools, hospitals and social services are being closed down to help governments pay their depts...

Why should we be spending money on border controls?

Since 1996, the EU have been paying millions per year to the Kingdom of Morocco to act as a "buffer zone" to stop migrants from West Africa reaching Europe across the fences into the Spanish enclave cities of Ceuta and Melilla, and the short sea crossing over the Strait of Gibraltar to mainland Spain.

While these people are demonised by right-wing politicians and media outlets, their voices are not heard, and the humanitarian and econmic solutions they offer are ignored, while they suffer and die from EU border policies.
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