The Good News

By Dr. Dieter Duhm /
Dec 20, 2017
The Good News

I take my “binoculars” and observe the news coming from around the world. I see young people fighting for the Islamic State. I know what atrocities they commit, and the delusional ideas these actions are rooted in, yet I also know that they’re looking for the home and camaraderie they never had. I know that they’re looking for the sexual fulfillment they’ve never been able to find. I hear the fans’ lewd chants at soccer matches. I know that they too search for home and friendship in a common cause which brings them together. I see how animals seek contact with people whenever they can trust. I see children grow up and understand how kindness develops naturally when embedded in a loving community. I see lovers and know that their love can become immensely powerful if they don’t follow the wrong system. I observe the entire world and know that, behind all cruelty, there’s a completely different pattern of life: a “sacred matrix,” which can heal everything from inside out if a sufficient number of people connect with it.

I’m aware that it sounds almost cynical to speak of “good news” in these times. The Earth has suffered the effects of imperialistic warfare for thousands of years. We are facing a refugee crisis of extreme proportions, mass corruption in global politics and acts of terrorism propagated by multinational corporations. International child pornography is rife, networks of sex slavery around the world are thriving, and atrocious acts of cruelty are committed against animals every day. However, I also know the following:

Behind all violence lies a different image of the human being, and of creation. Even if God’s creation contains a variety of different construction plans, at least one of them consists of love and joy. This isn’t an illusion, but an experience, an objective perception. There’s an inner center of the world which is directed towards joy and love. The world originated, as Walter Schubart said, “from a primordial wedding night.” The structures of reality contain this factual message, this promise of joy and love – not in the afterworld, but now. This is the information which shapes everything by itself as soon as we connect with it. This is the world order of the sacred matrix. A short moment in which we experience this opens the gate through which we can recognize the presence of another reality, the reality of the divine world, the reality of a tangible future. Jesus’ message of love and healing is a message from the cosmic world. What we can understand as the subjective annunciation of a single messiah actually contains the ontology of the world. The occurrence of the sacred is purely objective. What’s subjective are merely the psychological dispositions of people who either perceive it or don’t.

The powers of love and healing start operating within and around us as soon as we recognize them. May the entire Healing Biotopes Plan focus on realizing this message, on accepting this gift and on passing it on. This is the message that’s about to re-emerge after all of our searching, debating and working, often burdened by worries to the point of despair. A small change of perspective, a slight shift of frequency in our hearts – and we discover the divine plan of the world. Having experienced this, people will begin to speak, as this is the original communication which our hearts and organs of speech were made for. As a German proverb says, “When the heart is full, the mouth overflows.”

I want to quote some sentences from Sabine Lichtenfels that she wrote down in her trances of 2008 about the future,

The crucial turning point that will even now be able to trigger a new future is a return to the certainty of God’s existence… It’s an absolute certainty and joy of being which suddenly awakes and motivates us to take transformative action… In many groups, people experience a kind of joy that’s similar to the antelopes in the movie, “Animals Are Beautiful People,” that observe the first rain after a long drought. At first, they’re left in disbelief that the rain is actually falling. After this, they begin to rejoice. The same is true for people: things suddenly work out very easily… Meanwhile, the apocalyptic events in the world are already culminating. Wise people are now discovering the secret of healing and renewal in what many see as collapse and downfall. It’s a quantum leap in consciousness and a change of dimension in thinking and perception.

We are now discovering the real informational structure of the world, deeply embedded in our hearts and cells, which for so long has been kept hidden by the horrible veil of historical pain. The inherent essence of all that lives wants to enter our Earthly existence at this moment, so that the great plan of life can be fulfilled and realized. Thank you and Amen!

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