One Day in Tamera (2016) (trailer)


This short documentary is about the self sustaining community of Tamera, Portugal. In the film we speak with the residents of the community, who tell us how they made that originally dry land available for living, how they started organic agriculture, how they use biogas and solar energy and under what rules their community exists.

We recommend this film to everyone who searches for alternative lifestyles, besides the consuming, urban society. Tamera is a great example to follow for those who want to create and develop self sustaining communities.

DIR, DOP, editing: Endre Gradvolt
first assistant: Anna Buzogány
producer: Ádám Bérczes //
Portuguese Networker: Isabel Rosa
guide: Leila Dregger
speakers: Rita Moreno, Jörg Matthes, Guest worker in Tamera, T. H. Culhane, Alice Lindsted
translator: sevaster1, Szilvia Püspök

inspired by: Katinka Egres
Challenger In Pieces: Saint Listener
Compact Disco: Feel The Rain
Juli Fabian & Zoohacker:  Like a Child
Goulasch Exotica allstars: Fekete Tyúk
Odett: Móló
guest workers of Tamera: improvisation on drums
T. H. Culhane: Biogas song
Background: Forget The Angel
Laár András: Tűzhimnusz
Compact Disco: Sound of our Hearts

All musics are used courtesy of CLS Music and Egyseg Media
The shots were taken at 28/07/2015 in Tamera, Portugal. Special thanks for the Tamera community and the local people for their helpfulness about making the film.
More information about Tamera: &

Inspirálta / inspired by Egres Katinka
© 2015-2015. All rights reserved, Egység Média

Full report with Leila -
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