My name is Sami (2020)


A Short Film made during COVID-19 about Women Human Rights# Social Change#Women#domestic violence#domestic abuse Logline: During the COVID-19 pandemic Sami apparently calls a friend to tell her a tragic episode. Written, directed, performed by Daniela Lucato - Cinematography by Jacopo Pantaleoni

Festival Selections/Awards: 1st Prize Inventa un Film (Italy)/Pandemic Films 2021 1st Place Divan Art Prize 2020 Cefalù Film Festival 2022 Festival de Cine Colectivo 2022 Latest Visions International's Women Days - Northern Visions (NVTV) - Belfast - Latest TV - Brighton - Sheffield Live! - Sheffield - KMTV - Kent Created by Women Channel XIII Premio Internazionale Roberto Rossellini – Roma Film Corto Fest 2021Selezione Ufficiale Il Kino Berlin Festival international du film d'éducation 2021, Paris Premio Fausto Rossano 2021 Video Fenster Project, Goethe Institut Paraguay 2021 Tour International Film Festival SEMANA ¡VIVA EL CINE! Nominated at 2nd Health for all Film Festival _WHO_World Health Organization/"Health Equity" Amnesty International Festival au Droits Humains 2021 Mykolaiv ART Week: CHANGE 2021 Apricot Tree Film Festival 2021, Armenia 2021 International Tour Film Festival 2021(Italy) UMANITÀ - il mondo che verrà/Human rights - The world to come (Naples)2021 UNCG Sustainability Shorts Film Competition 2021Maker Art Festival Section- National 2021 Museum of Natural History and Science, Lisbon 2021 Berlin Shorts Movie Nights, Hanoi University, Vietnam 2021 ARTBURST BERLIN 2021 Karnekunst Vierte Welle Festival Oncurating Project Space, Zurich 2021 Loosenart, Contrasts (Rome 2021) Videofenster 2021 Visioni Altre, Gallery in Venice, 2021 Dhaka International Film Festival Atlantidoc, Uruguay 2020 Miami New Media Festival 2020 VOTV Vallès Oriental Televisió 2020 COVID DIARIES Design Transfer- UDK Berlin 2020 Hello WORLD TransCultural Exchange 2020 "Do you hear me?" Contest by Marcaj Art Georgian Film Academy Diogene Festival 2020 2020 Three Minutes Video Contest (Taipei) Cápsula Exposition Cock and Bull Theatre/ Chicago - Artists in Isolation Retro. New Media Fest HHWTD Radio - ( EPISODE 4: RETURNS) Art Veine _Collective exhibition “What about tomorrow?” Encuentro de Imagen MMXX “Nuevos Documentalismos“ Mexico Sphere- World Cinema Carnival Festival, India Artist against abuse! -The Shoe Factory Social Club, Norwich Covid-19 / Lockdown | Exhibition @ SEAS KCAW20 Online Exhibition - Little Voices'- Kensington + Chelsea Art Week Women’s Film Festival – LetsStartTheRevolution Competition Demakijaż in Lublin, Poland Badalona Film Festival, Spain Festival Panoramic - Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona Viola(ta) e le altre storie - Organizzazione Alphaztl Compagnia d'Arte Dinamica Publications: Transformative Power of Art Journal 2022 Please See Me Magazine Flora Magazine Art Hole New Art Fest 2020 Dwell Time Press Casa Clic Flea Circus Magazine Haus a Rest Ewa Frauenzentrum, Berlin Original Magazine IheartBerlin Polemical Zine Issue 16: FUTURE
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