Sep 24, 2019

35 Year Industry Veteran Takes on Climate Change Denial and Inaction With the Climate Trail

The Climate Trail is a "good, realistic, and sobering" free game about the post-apocalyptic world we face if we continue on our current path.
By William Volk /
35 Year Industry Veteran Takes on Climate Change Denial and Inaction With the Climate Trail
On the road on The Climate Trail

I grew tired of debating climate change deniers online so I decided the most useful thing I can do about the climate crises is to apply decades of game design experience to a climate-apocalypse game.

The Climate Trail uses the play style of the most popular educational game ever released, The Oregon Trail (65 million copies sold).  The tipping point we are now at with climate change inspired its creation.

The Climate Trail is an entirely free (no ads etc.)  game about climate refugees fleeing ever-worsening conditions after inaction on climate has rendered much of the USA (and the world) uninhabitable. The game combines the simulation game of the journey north with visual novel elements where characters reveal how and why this climate apocalypse unfolded. The game was released last month and is available for the Mac, PC and Linux systems. Mobile versions (also free) will follow.


There are many post-apocalyptic games involving zombies, why not put people into the world that we are all creating?

I've self-funded the project because I want to make people care about the climate issue.  

More about me:  (note, I am not at Forward Reality)

Here’s some reviews of the game:


Please spread the word.

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