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Under The Eightball -- hello... (trailer)

3.4 ·

A first hand account of one family's struggle with Lyme disease... And the subsequent conspiracy to keep it hidden from public view.

Under The Eightball

We often forget the distance of time, time seems weightless... 

 until we lose the ability to make more memories...

A film by Timothy Grey

The Story
Under the Eightball is a film about my sister, Lori Hall-Steele's, 

struggle with a mysterious disease and her family's desperate attempt

to save her life.

This documentary ventures further than merely a disease,

 it examines the systemic failures of our health care,

 insurance, and pharmaceutical industries. 


The audience becomes witness to an ambivalent medical 

community who's attitude can only be described as a tragic failure. 

This is a cautionary tale --- warning the viewer that this story is 

not the exception but one that is all too common. 

A truth that lives in our cities, on our streets, in our homes. 

The victims are our neighbors, friends, parents, siblings and children.


The victims are us...