life cycle of the proletariat version 2.3 (trailer)


final version of version 2 now version 2.3 of the full color version.

the second of three versions of the film "life cycle of the proletariat" a film that has three parts intended to be shown simultaneously surrounding the audience on three sides.
the film is a commentary on modern society, it examines the world and mechanized culture we live in today

The Life Cycle of The Proletariat: A social commentary

"The Life Cycle of The Proletariat" is a social commentary film like no other. No actors, No sets, No lighting.
Real people, Real situations, Real images.
A world view off modern culture, and modern man
created by modern man
in our modern world.
The film forces the viewer to confront the hypocrisy of modern society in a no holds bard confrontational onslaught of ever changing, morphing, merging, and metamorphosing line art.

Line art subduing the sometimes graphic and shocking content that may be hard to see in "real world" color.

"As in the transition my charcoal art works evolved into,

going from muddy dark images to stark black and white contrast,
I used a visual technique to create a stark white image that represents the negative space, and allowing your mind to see that negative space as an object.
I believe that this illusion allows me to push the limits of film taboo."
Explains David commenting on the technique of the film.
Acquisition and editing and processing lasted roughly 6 months and finalizing added another two months.
Final editing came right down to the wire to meet the deadline of a previewing exhibition at the Buxton Landstreet Gallery
during Art Spring weekend in Thomas, West Virginia (where David resides)
The film is presented in segments that define the "life cycle of the proletariat."
There is a prologue that hints of what is to come, and uses images that are more prevalent in our culture than we prefer to accept from conception to birth.
the cycle begins and represents visually the evolution of man and the birth of culture.
the real film exists in the segments following the prologue,
identified by the segment titles:
the themes are more relevant now than ever and the content leans to obvious expectations but still manages to surprise and engage the eyes and mind of the viewer.
The film project it's self is presented as three parts.
the videos and this commentary refer to the first installment but there is much more to come. The second installment of the film is in production and soon to be released. closely followed by a third re visitation of the project. All three versions of the film are intended to be presented simultaneously in one screening. one version to the left of the audience, another to the right, and a merged version of both the right and left version to be presented in front of the audience. all three versions can stand alone as a presentation and are visually appealing and interesting as stand alone films.
while the subject matter remains relative in the separate forms, the films refuse to be redundant and continue to challenge the viewers conscience and convictions.
the film makers encourage you, the viewer, to keep up with this project. Show your support. engage in the conversations that arise from the content. Most of all you are encouraged to enjoy
"The Life Cycle of The Proletariat"
and recognize you are the proletariat and this is your world and the power of change resides in your sleeping expendable masses.
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