Babushkas of Chernobyl (2015) (trailer)


The defiant women who returned to the radioactive exclusion zone soon after the disaster share their tales of survival.

Approximately 100 women defiantly cling to their ancestral homeland in Chernobyl's radioactive "Exclusion Zone." While most of their neighbours have long since fled and their husbands have gradually died off, this stubborn sisterhood is hanging on - even, oddly, thriving - while trying to cultivate an existence on toxic earth.

Hanna, Maria and Valentya chose to return after the 1986 nuclear disaster, defying authorities and endangering their health. They share this hauntingly beautiful but lethal landscape with an assortment of scientists, soldiers and young thrill seekers.

Now, 30 years after the disaster, they also share their remarkable tales of survival.

This is an edited version of the film that aired on Al Jazeera. You can rent or buy the full film with an additional 30 minutes of footage here.
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