Once across the Border (2023)

This is a morale-boosting story about making a difference... In the haste and panic of the Ukrainian war erupting - millions of people fled their houses. Much was left behind, including animals.

Traveling from a war-zone to Germany: follow this tough and testing road trip effort to reunite Ukrainian pets with their refugee families abroad. 

Nominated Best Short Documentary Film about Ukrainian Refugees at International Film Festival BRUKIVKA (Ukraine).


Want to stay up-to-date? Here are the organisations involved: 

The organisation rescuing pets within Ukraine: ⛑ https://www.instagram.com/animal.rescue.kharkiv/  

The organisation commuting across the border: 🚚 https://gofund.me/04735571  Follow further film screenings & updates on Instagram 🎬 https://www.instagram.com/once_across_the_border/  

Following them is showing your support. You can help in various other ways, by sharing their posts - donating time, money or goods.

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