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The Economics of Happiness
Economic globalization has led to a massive expansion in the scale and power of big business and banking. It has also worsened nearly every problem we face: fundamentalism and ethnic conflict; climate chaos and species extinction; financial instability and unemployment. There...
The Economics of Happiness (Abridged Version)
This is a shortened version of the award-winning feature-length documentary film, The Economics of Happiness. Cut down from 68 minutes to less than 20, it provides an introduction to the concept of localization - a systemic alternative to corporate capitalism - and shows how...
22 Ways to Foster an Economics of Happiness
DIY Economics of Happiness Workshop
The Economics of Happiness Workshop and Toolkit is a do-it-yourself tool for activists and others that want to kick-start effective global-to-local action in their area or within an existing group.
Charles Eisenstein at the 2013 Economics of Happiness Conference
This is Charles Eisenstein's plenary talk at Local Futures/ISEC's Economics of Happiness conference held in Byron Bay, Australia in March 2013. Charles is the author of The Yoga of Eating, The Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics. Note: The audio improves at the 0:50...
Stop Spending Money: How Consumerism Takes Its Toll on Our Happiness
There’s no doubt that the U.S. culture is famous for its promises of happiness. As age-old as the idea of the “American dream” is the idea that working hard and making money to create the life you want will lead you to happiness and bliss. It’s made painfully obvious in...
Planet Local: A 7-Part Film Series about the Regenerative Food Movement
Good food is key to our survival and well-being. Eating local food is a powerful solution-multiplier — it reduces our carbon footprint, pollution, and waste, while creating dignified livelihood opportunities, strengthening communities and local economies, and strengthening...
Russell Brand Vs Mcdonalds & Monsanto TTIP Globalisation
Russell Brand - The Trews Economics of Happiness 
The Movement for Localization Is Growing Rapidly, Worldwide
One no, many yeses. Look to join and grow the movement for localization where you live.
Rethinking modern schooling
An edited sequence for our documentary The Economics of Happiness that ultimately did not make it into the film. It offers a critical look at modern schooling in both the global North and South. With Vandana Shjiva, Manish Jain (Coordinator of the Indian NGO Shikshantar)...
Richard Heinberg:  end of the line for economic growth
This is Richard Heinberg's plenary talk at Local Futures/ISEC's Economics of Happiness conference, held in Berkeley, California in March, 2012. Richard is a Fellow with the Post Carbon Institute, and the author of numerous books, including "Peak Everything" and "The End of...
Helena Norberg-Hodge: An Overview of Localization
Helena Norberg-Hodge's plenary talk at Local Futures/ISEC's Economics of Happiness Conference, Berkeley, California, March 2012. For more information about the work of Local Futures/ISEC, go to
Cancel the Apocalypse: Here Are 41 Documentaries to Help Unlock the Good Ending
Our present moment is saturated in dystopian, apocalyptic fantasies of the future.
Bayo Akomolafe: An Oriki for the Times
Bayo Akomolafe is a researcher, lecturer and author, as well as Coordinator of the International Alliance for Localization. This is his plenary talk at the Economics of Happiness conference, held in Portland, Oregon, in February 2015. The conference was organized by Local...
How a Land High in the Western Himalayas Can Help Us Understand The Crisis of The Modern World
This is a clip from The Economics of Happiness. Watch it here (skip to the 10-minute mark to pick up where this clip ends)
To Leave or Remain: Dichotomy or Distraction?
Ever since the Brexit referendum was first announced, we have been bombarded by an array of starkly contradictory pronouncements – from the Leave camp’s now infamous claim that withdrawal from the EU would release £350 million a week for the NHS to the former Chancellor...
Strengthening Local Economies Worldwide - Helena Norberg-Hodge
Helena Norberg-Hodge, speaking live from Beyond The Great Reset: The Systems Change Summit, May 2021
World Localization Day - full version. Be part of this inspirational movement for change!
After COVID-19, we can return to stressful disconnected lives and climate catastrophe or we can slow down, scale down and rebuild our connections to each other and to the Earth. On June 21, we hosted an inspiring online festival of ideas and inspiration in celebration of...
Why We Need Big Picture Activism
Despite the countless grassroots projects already under way, the global economic juggernaut can seem too powerful to stop. But because more and more of us are becoming aware of how disastrous the global economy is for people and the planet, I believe that the chances for...
An Economy of Meaning - or Bust
What economic system designs, out of all conceivable ones, might be among the best at helping us meet real needs?
Is Capitalism Really the Best We Can Do? Actually, No.
We can do so much better than this.
Globalization's Deadly Footprint
"That pollution is bad for our health will come as a surprise to no one. That pollution kills at least 9 million people every year might."
Judge a System by the Health of Its Children
On Globalization and The Costs of Exporting the American Dream
The Best Social Change Documentaries of 2011
2011 will likely be remembered in America as the year that the nation's youth finally started to wake up - all that bubbling knowledge of the world's problems, all the discontent and disillusion with our broken system finally burst into a flurry of creative action. Our...
World Localization Day 2020 (Short Version) Be Part of this Inspirational Movement for Change!
After COVID-19, we can return to stressful disconnected lives and climate catastrophe or we can slow down, scale down and rebuild our connections to each other and to the Earth. On June 21, we hosted an inspiring online festival of ideas and inspiration in celebration of...
Separated Interbeings | Volume 2
Separated Interbeings is a film collage of our diverse and complex world caught on camera, creatively put together to open deeper perspectives and insights on the world we live in.
Technology and Its Discontents
Questioning the pro-digital consensus
What Does "Organic" Mean?
The organic food movement suffered a major setback recently, when the US National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) voted in favor of allowing hydroponically-grown products to receive the “organic” label. This decision should not have come as a surprise to those who have watched...
Trump is a Symptom of Corporate Globalization
By redistributing economic and political power from corporate monopolies to millions of small businesses, localization has the power to revitalize the democratic process, re-rooting political power in community.
Old Mother Forest
I live across a small stream from an ancient rainforest in Wayanad, Kerala. It has a constancy that’s baffling, appearing more or less the same to me for all the years I’ve been here. The forest sustains. As do you and I. Tangled beings brought together by strange and...
In Defense of Degrowth
Why infinite growth on a finite planet is impossible, and why the alternative can actually be beautiful.
7 Billion for Dinner? Here's How to Feed Them
Most people – even many of those who support small farms and eat organic food – believe that there’s no way to feed the global population without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, fossil fuels, biotechnology, heavy equipment, and the rest of the agribusiness ars
Our Obsolescent Economy
The modern 'throwaway culture' was born in response to the needs of industrial capital. To move beyond it, we must rediscover the beauty of repair.
Unlike a Globalized Food System, Local Food Won't Destroy the Environment
Our food system is linked to an economic system that is fundamentally biased against what’s good for people and the planet.
Resist Globally, Renew Locally
A recent discussion forum among the members of The Great Transition Network focused on “The Promise and Pitfalls of Localism.” My friend and colleague Brian Tokar started the discussion by noting that even though there is a resurgence of progressive action at the local level...
Thinking Outside the Grid
Thirty years ago, a friend of mine published a book called 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save The Earth. It described the huge environmental benefits that would result if everyone made some simple adjustments to their way of life. Six hundred thousand gallons of gas could be...
Changing Everything Except What Needs Changing: What's Missing From The Renewable Energy Debate
Among climate change activists, solutions usually center on a transition to renewable energy. There may be differences over whether this would be best accomplished by a carbon tax, bigger subsidies for wind and solar power, divestment from fossil fuel companies, massive...
The Economics of Climate Change
Shifting away from an emphasis on global economic growth toward local economies provides a means to increase meaningful employment, shrink the gap between rich and poor, and tackle climate change.
Economics 101 and Ecological Collapse
“The collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.” – David Attenborough
The Revolution Is Love! Our Movement is for the 100%
"Love is the felt experience of connection to another being. An economist says 'more for you is less for me.' But the lover knows that more of you is more for me too. If you love somebody their happiness is your happiness. Their pain is your pain. Your sense of self expands...
The Happiness Conspiracy
What does it mean to be happy in a modern consumer society? John F Schumaker argues that our entire socio-economic system is designed to spew out citizens eternally in search of satisfaction.
Advertising & The End of The World
Advertising & the End of the World features an illustrated presentation by Sut Jhally of the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
What to Do When the World is on Fire
In December of 2019, my best friend Kit took me and my partner to the place where she grew up, in the remote Thora Valley, in the pristine forested foothills of Eastern Australia’s Great Dividing Range. As we drove down Darkwood, the single road into the Thora, Kit told us...
Inequality Is the Biggest Threat to the World
People often think that a certain level of inequality is normal in our societies, says the social geographer Danny Dorling. But the gap between the superrich and the rest of us has widened dramatically in the past 12 months. The author of a number of books including...
Degrowth: A Call for Radical Abundance
When orthodox economists first encounter the idea of degrowth, they often jump to the conclusion that the objective is to reduce GDP.  And because they see GDP as equivalent to social wealth, this makes them very upset.
On the Second Anniversary of OWS: Three Metamemes for the Future
Here at Adbusters, we see three big tactical breakthrough ideas, three metamemes, that have the power to veer this global trainwreck of ours from its date with disaster. Make no mistake, the crash is a brutal world – a barbarian reality. It’s a happening that none of us...
Occupy Wall St - The Revolution Is Love
A taste of the upcoming feature documentary, Occupy Love. This is a community funded film. We are in the LAST WEEK of our crowd funding campaign at Please check it out! We can't do it without you... \"Love is the felt experience of...
A New Economic Story: Real Prosperity Revolves Around the Sanctity of Life
The economy is much more than a series of transactions: It’s about our relationships, who and what we think we are, and our view on the meaning of life itself. Our current global economy leaves too many of us struggling, and it is harming Earth’s ecosystems.
Will the Poor Always Be With Us?
Poverty as we know it is not and has never been the fate of humanity.
Livin' the Screen Life
Important official legal disclaimer: This is a short work of fiction. Any resemblances to real people, people you may know, people you think you may know, etc., is entirely deliberate.
The Sharing Economy: It Takes More Than a Smartphone
I ran into my friend Rick the other day in a small town near our homes in northern Vermont. He was just coming out of the bookstore, holding a pink plastic bag that, I would soon learn, contained a dozen eggs from his flock of free range hens. After a bit of small talk, Rick...
How Economic Growth Has Become Anti-Life
An obsession with growth has eclipsed our concern for sustainability, justice and human dignity. But people are not disposable – the value of life lies outside economic development
Don’t Be Scared About the End of Capitalism—Be Excited to Build What Comes Next
Instead of fixating on a fight between capitalism and socialism, imagine innovating a future economy that transcends old binaries.
Life in a ‘Degrowth’ Economy
And why you might actually enjoy it.
Is 5G Worth the Risks?
This article was originally published on the Economics of Happiness Blog.
This Civilisation Is Finished: Conversations on the End of Empire - and What Lies Beyond
An excerpt from a new book by Samuel Alexander and Rupert Read
Farm to Table in San Francisco is About More than Food | Final Straw (trailer)
This series of 'Short Take' interviews offer sneak peaks of characters from the upcoming documentary film "Final Straw," a film about food, earth, and happiness. This time around, we talk with Kristyn Leach, the resident farmer for Namu Gaji restaurant in San Francisco. In...
How to Be Positive When the World Is Negative
Do you sometimes feel that the world around you is negative? Do you get easily irritated and frustrated, not knowing how to deal with this negativity, and lack the energy needed to keep going in your life? If so, here are some powerful tips that will help you to keep calm, be...
A Brief History of Happiness: How America Lost Track of the Good Life-And Where to Find It Now
For decades, we've been taught that economic growth and buying more stuff will make us happy—while trashing the planet. The good news is, there’s a better kind of happy: It starts with meaningful work, loving relationships, and a thriving natural world.
Work Less, Play More
The 40-hour work week is an ingrained part of our culture, but it does very little to enrich our lives. Lucy Purdy explores alternative working models that do away with the idea of the nine-to-five