Articles by Dieter Duhm
1968: a Missed Chance for Socialism
Dr. Dieter Duhm · Precisely 50 years ago, the international anti-imperialistic students’ movement culminated in the uprisings in France. At that time, Dieter Duhm, a psychoanalyst and sociologist, was a spokesman of the “new left” in the German students’...
The Good News
Dr. Dieter Duhm · I take my “binoculars” and observe the news coming from around the world. I see young people fighting for the Islamic State. I know what atrocities they commit, and the delusional ideas these actions are rooted in, yet I also know that...
Trump: a Catalyst for the Peace Movement?
Dr. Dieter Duhm · Donald Trump is the commander-in-chief of the biggest military force on Earth. There's no societal power above him, that's why he can do whatever he wants. What does he want? Or does he, perhaps, not have any own will, and is steered by...
An Appeal for a Creative Nonviolence
Dieter Duhm · I was around 14 when I heard about Concentration Camps for the first time. 
Defend the Sacred: How Could the Peace Movement Prevail?
Dieter Duhm · The fight for Standing Rock is over, at least for now. With the help of Donald Trump and the banks, the oil industry has imposed its agenda. The construction of the pipeline has been completed. Our prayers are with that handful of...
Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton: Two Figures in a Derailed World
Celebrating GLOBAL GRACE DAY, November 9, 2016
Dieter Duhm · As every year, we celebrate the Global Grace Day on this November 9, 2016.
Healing Our Collective Trauma: The Key to Creating a Society Based on Trust Rather Than Fear
Dieter Duhm · Behind the crisis of our time hides the core crisis of human relationships.