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Articles by Daniel Quinn
Nuestras Religiones: ¿Son Las Religiones Propias De La Humanidad?
Daniel Quinn / · Al contrario de lo que se suele creer, Charles Darwin no introdujo la idea de evolución. A mediados del siglo XIX, la evolución era un hecho que ya se conocía desde hacía mucho tiempo, y la mayoría de los pensadores de la época se...
La Pequeña Locomotora Que No Pudo: Cómo Estamos Preparando a Nuestros Hijos Y a Nosotros Mismos Para La Extinción
Daniel Quinn / · En un semidocumental reciente, titulado Basura, se le pidió a un ingeniero de eliminación de residuos tóxicos cómo dejar de agobiar al mundo con nuestros venenos. Respondió que “tendríamos que eliminar a toda la gente de la faz de la...
Revolution without Upheaval: A Manual Of Change
Daniel Quinn · When we talk about saving the world, what world are we talking about? Not the globe itself, obviously. But also not the biological world—the world of life. The world of life, strangely enough, is not in danger (though thousands and...
The Culture of Maximum Harm
Daniel Quinn · People have lived many different ways on this planet, but about ten thousand years ago there appeared one people who believed everyone in the world should live a single way—their way, which they considered the only "right" way.
The Little Engine That Couldn't: How We're Preparing Ourselves and Our Children for Extinction
Daniel Quinn · In a recent semi-documentary film called Garbage, a toxic waste disposal engineer was asked how we can stop engulfing the world in our poisons. His answer was, "We'd have to remove everybody from the face of the earth, because humans...
Our Religions: Are they the Religions of Humanity Itself?
Daniel Quinn · Contrary to popular opinion, Charles Darwin did not originate the idea of evolution. By the middle of the 19th century, the mere fact of evolution had been around for a long time, and most thinkers of the time were perfectly content to...
When a Whole Generation of Youth "Feels Cheated," That's Something Worth Paying Attention To
Daniel Quinn · Yesterday a teenager sent me an email letter in which he said, "I feel cheated that it's all UP TO ME. By being in the younger generation, I have to save the world before I can even begin to think of building a life for myself, or there...
Have You Heard of The Great Forgetting? It Happened 10,000 Years Ago & Completely Affects Your Life
Daniel Quinn · (Excerpted from the book, The Story of B) With every audience and every individual, I have to begin by making them see that the cultural self-awareness we inherit from our parents and pass on to our children is squarely and solidly...
Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit by Daniel Quinn
Daniel Quinn · Daniel Quinn is the author of many works including The Story of B, My Ishmael, and Beyond Civilization. His first book,
The Boiling Frog (Is Us): Signs of Distress from 5000 B.C.E. to Today
Daniel Quinn · Systems thinkers have given us a useful metaphor for a certain kind of human behavior in the phenomenon of the boiled frog.
Our Way of Life Works AMAZING for Products, But It Works TERRIBLE for People
Daniel Quinn · The Human Future - A Problem In Design
Beyond Civilization: Humanity's Next Great Adventure
Daniel Quinn · Once upon a time life evolved on a certain planet, bringing forth many different social organizations—packs, pods, flocks, troops, herds, and so on. One species whose members were unusually intelligent developed a unique social...
Daniel Quinn: The New Renaissance
Daniel Quinn · People often ask me if I have any hope for our survival. What they really want to know, of course, is whether I can provide them with some grounds for hope. I am hopeful, because I feel sure that something extraordinary is going to...