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Anti-Fascism in Action
Class unity · 5 reasons why antifa are nothing like the fascists.
The Free Society
Class unity · It's about working together to get the good things in life, the things we're currently expected to have to strive for alone, the things that most people will live an die and never experience precisely because they're alone and powerless...
Anarchists and Marxists in the 21st Century
Class unity · “Crowned heads, wealth and privilege may well tremble should ever again the Black and Red unite!" - Otto Von Bismark. How that can happen, and why we need it to happen.
Continuity Anarchism
Class unity · 99 years of classical anarchism and 72 years of 'modern' anarchism but are they really that separate?
It's Complex, Stupid - The Versatile Brexit
Class unity · Analysis of the Brexit Vs the EU sitiuation
Anarcho-maoism - I want Mao
Class unity · How do we understand the role of the middle-class in the structure of global capitalism? Why are western workers often surprisingly conservative? What does anarchism have to do with Chairman Mao?
The Decimation of the English Working Class
Class unity · We are in the way of progress. Again.
Look after the movement and the goals will look after themselves
Class unity · Why we should enthusiastically join reformist movements and not just to attempt to swap their goals for overtly radical ones. On radical supremacy and the ungovernability factor. No vanguards no masters.
The Co-operativist Manifesto: Dare To Get Involved in the Business of Proposing an Alternative
Class unity · You can get thousands out in support of a protest against something horrific, but it's far fewer of us who dare to get involved in the business of proposing an alternative
The Social Status of Jesus
Class unity · Why wasn't Jesus a woman? Or Trans? Or disabled? - An article written from a Christian perspective.
The Red Herring of Social Mobility
Class unity · The Red Herring of Social Mobility
Freed speech - A left libertarian contribution
Predictions for 2015 - UK and beyond!
Class unity · Predictions for 2015! Introduction Making predictions for the next year on New Year's eve is a complicated business. Normally people try to maintain a balance between saying something definitive and interesting but not really wanting...
Whatever is Privilege?
Class unity · Whatever is Privilege? - Why the caption on the picture is bollocks, from someone who is a white male who once said those words.
16 votes and no mule
Class unity · (photograph: Lee on Sands, Essex)
Whatever is Neo-Liberalism?
Class unity · Neo-liberalism, like capitalism, is not usually a consciously accepted ideology it is a descriptive term. In fact neo-liberalism is best understood as the particular form and stage of capitalism that we are suffering under at this...
Whatever is Neo-Colonialism?
Class unity · Neo-colonialism: what is it? The no messin' answer. Neo-colonialism is the successor to colonialism or empire building. In the 18th and 19th centuries European countries were fairly advanced and powerful on a global scale. During that...
Anarcho-communism and Market anarchism, which is 'proper' anarchism?
Class unity · There has been quite a lot of discussion about this issue lately, not least in the thriving 'ancap Vs ancom debate' group on facebook but it comes up everywhere, I'm hoping to add to the conversation with my thoughts,
Weapons of Welfare
Class unity · Weapons of welfare
A Polemic Against Crap Music
Class unity · When I finished work this evening the first thing I did was put some music on. I was the last one leaving the office so I put my headphones on at my desk, selected my punk playlist and turned the volume up as loud as it would go.
In defence of being angry
Class unity · In defence of being angry
Snappy Anarchistic Rants Four
Class unity · The State The state is a  dangerous wild predetory animal, if we (the people) ever managed to tame it and bring it under our control then it would instantly cease to exist and we would be left stood there alone, free.
Snappy Anarchistic Rant Three
Class unity · Class I grew up thinking I was middle class, I guess I was if you accept the bullshit definition of class that most people eat up these days. What I meant by middle class was things like behavioural norms, an accent, tastes in music...
Snappy Anarchistic Rant Two
Class unity · Feminism Somethimes I hear things that feminists say and sometimes they annoy me, or I feel accused or 'got at', Here is the thing though, half the bloody point is that it doesn't matter how I as a man feel about this, or that I don't...
Snappy Anarchistic Rant One
Class unity · War I often say that there should be no millitary, people say back "but what would happen if the country was invaded?!" I don't get it, have I missed something? Didn't I just say that there should be no millitary? Who is going to be...
Un-Radical Ideas Like Representative Democracy Are Still a Threat to the System in the Right Hands, Here Is Why:
Class unity · The boring old idea of representative democracy (rightly slated as being fundamentally hierarchical and unrealistic by all good anarchists) would still be massively dangerous in the hands of someone who knew that we don't have it and in...