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Writer Guidelines

Films For Action welcomes original article contributions from both experienced and new writers. If you're new, here are some tips for adding your article:

First, create a member account on the site.

Click the Add+ button at the top and click "Add Article."

Fill in all the required fields, make sure your article is proofread, and then hit Submit.

You can edit your article at any time by clicking the "Edit" button to the left of the article.

To weed out spam, we'll be manually approving your first few submissions before they go live on the site. After a few of your submissions have been rated well by our members or staff, your submissions will go live automatically. 

Once your submission is live, we recommend sharing your article on social media like Facebook and Reddit.

If it gets enough views, your piece will naturally show up in our trending section on the homepage and at the bottom of content pages. Our staff also reviews member submissions, and if it meets our content guidelines, we'll rate it up and share it on our networks.

We'll give extra consideration to your submission if Films For Action is the first website your article is appearing on (you can note this in the article submission form).

Submissions should:

  • Be concise. 1000 words or less is ideal but longer articles are ok.
  • Offer a unique progressive perspective not covered by the corporate media
  • Have a long shelf-life. Op-eds about current events are ok but we prefer 'evergreen' content as we consider ourselves more a library of knowledge than a breaking news site.
  • Provide sources (embedded links) when it would be useful for the reader
  • Be a good fit for this site. Please familiarize yourself with what we like to publish by spending time on the site before submitting.

When you publish...

  • Only post once per day.
  • Be selective. If you have 10 great 'evergreen' articles from your 'back catalog,' make the tough call and only publish the very best of them, a few days apart. 


Want more tips?

  • Check out our adding content guide. It's also worth browsing our library via most viewed or top rated to get a general feel for the spectrum of perspectives that we like to cover (take note of the titles you read that interest you versus the titles you skipped past and let that give you ideas for your own article titles).

    We've chosen to focus on 41 subjects that cover a wide range of activist issues. 

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