"Attention Conscious Documentary Addicts"   
By Hermione Crackpipe. Mon, May 14, 2012

If you are in any way like me then you will have trawled the internet for many an hour looking for a particularly good array of documentary films. I am here not referring to the endless streams of crud about how aliens are responsible for all human progress, or how the world is coming to an end this year because the calendar of a long expired ancient civilisation says so. Regardless of how entertaining these sometimes are for comic relief, they often appear when you are seeking enlightenment about the issues that are confronting our species in the real world. Well, seek no more weary travellers, the oasis of thought provoking, stimulating and ultimately informative documentary films you see before you is no mirage.

Films For Action (NOT A MIRAGE)

Films for Action Facebook Page

This site of provides an excellent and broad variety of docs; all carefully selected with a view "to raise awareness of important social, environmental, and media-related issues not covered by the mainstream news." Helpfully divided by subject, Films for Action boasts videos made by and about some of the finest thinkers of our age, of whom, for me at least, Adam Curtis, Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn stand out.

Not only does this site play host to a glittering array of renowned thinkers but the issues about which one can learn concern the greatest and most pressing concerns and issues confronting humanity. These range from indigenous issues, human rights, democracy, climate change, philosophy, food, technology, terrorism and many others. The stated aim of Films for Action is "to provide citizens with the information and perspectives essential to creating a more just, sustainable, and democratic society." Given the extent to which politicians seem daily further and further removed from the financial and social realities of a majority of the population upon whom they have imposed themselves, the goal is a worthwhile one indeed.

So as a final word, I will sign off by saying that Films for Action goes above and beyond much of what currently resides out there in internetland, providing a conscious and praiseworthy alternative to many other doc sites for the more discerning prospective or active radical. AND I PROMISE: NO ANCIENT ALIENS!