Articles by Teri Lynn
No, You Don't Have to Admit You're Wrong to Apologize (And Other Apology Myths Debunked)
Teri Lynn · Why are real, meaningful apologies so few and far between? What have we internalized about the meaning of apologizing?
How Faux-Feelings Are Sabotaging Your Communication Efforts
Teri Lynn · Getting in touch with our feelings and sharing "I-statements" is a known strategy for communicating nonviolently and bettering our chances of being heard.
4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Speaking Up (or Listening)
Teri Lynn · As a child, I was the shy kid who kept to herself. I rarely shared my inner world with others outside my close friendship circle, and even as an adult, my auto-default is still to hold my tongue.
3 Essential Strategies for Integrating Life Experiences
Teri Lynn · The tumbling dance of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations can polish the rough rocks of your life story into precious gemstones.