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Articles by Teodrose Fikre
Color Conversations: a Rational Discussion About Race, Imposed Identities and Social Constructs
Teodrose Fikre · To advocate solidarity is not to deny the existence of injustices. However, I humbly submit that the only way we can ameliorate the legacy of hatred that has, and continues, to crater the lives of millions is through compassion and...
Blocking Awareness and Defriending Our Way Into Group Think
Teodrose Fikre · I am constantly amused by people who post threats on Twitter and Facebook as they warn anyone within all-caps distance that they will block or defriend anyone who dares commit the unforgivable sin of disagreeing with them. There was a...
I Don't Give a Damn About the First (Insert Identity Here) CEO or President
Teodrose Fikre · Do you know what literally repulses me these days? Hearing about the first so and so to get accepted into the exclusive club of the aristocracy. Frankly, I don’t give a damn about the latest first black president or first woman CEO. Who...
Identity Politiks: When Grievance Gets Weaponized
Teodrose Fikre · Let me admit, I grow weary of hearing gripes and grievances. I don’t say this to somehow deny atrocities that have been committed against people in the past nor am I blind to injustices that continue to be perpetuated in the present...
We Are Not Black
Teodrose Fikre · What you are going to read in the next couple of minutes is a disavowal of a word that has been used to literally tar and belittle people from a continent we now refer to as Africa. This word I’m alluding to is “black”, a word that was...
We've Got Ninety-Nine Problems but the Root Is ONE
Teodrose Fikre · Political and ideological differences prevent us from seeing that our hopes and frustrations are interconnected.
Above With Love: Do Not Sink to the Level of People's Brokenness
Teodrose Fikre · Not one person in this world has been able to escape the clutches of being hurt in life. I never really understood the truth of that statement until I spent two years sojourning from state to state. It was in my time of tribulation and...
We Don't Need Social Justice Warriors, We Need Social Justice Believers
Teodrose Fikre · "If we pass on kindness to others in immediate circumference, we can accomplish infinitely more than we can by chanting political slogans in cordoned areas and marching in restricted protest zones."