Articles by John Atcheson
Beyond Trump: How the US Went off the Rails
John Atcheson · Trump is a big problem. But he's not the cause of our problems.
Clinton's F-You to Progressives: This Is How Trump Could Become President
John Atcheson · Nominating a political clone like Sen. Tim Kaine is exactly the wrong thing to do if you want a higher turnout
Put Away the Fireworks... You Don't Live in a Democracy Anymore
John Atcheson · Within the last 30 years, while we’ve chased bogeymen overseas and here at home, our Democracy has fallen. We have been taken over; defeated; our voices neutered; our freedoms trampled; our democracy vanquished. No invading force...
Establishment Democrats Courting Disaster
John Atcheson · In the 1964 film classic, Dr. Strangelove, Slim Pickens is seen riding a nuclear bomb down to his certain death – and perhaps to the end of us all – while he calmly inventories his survival equipment. 
Fair Game: Why Bernie Should Keep Going
John Atcheson · Predictably, after New York, the establishment is demanding that Bernie bow out. The etiquette of conventional Party politics, after all, dictates that he step aside, lest he weaken the front runner.  But this race has never been about...
Decoding Super Tuesday: Why Sanders Is Still on Track to Win and Why the Democrats Need Him To
John Atcheson · As usual, the mainstream media is confused by the results from Super Tuesday. To hear them tell it, Hillary has all but sewed up the nomination.  In reality, Sanders had a good day, and Tuesday’s results suggest he’s set to surprise...
It's a Movement, Stupid: Why Bernie Can Deliver on Promises of Change, While the Sensible Centrists Can't
John Atcheson · The Democratic Party is engaged in an epic battle about how change happens.  On one side is the establishment who are backing Hillary’s cautious, pragmatic, and incremental approach.  On the other are the Sanders supporters who are...
Idiocracy Arrives Five Centuries Early
John Atcheson · Listening to the Republican clowns and Democratic shape-shifters while ignoring the only candidate that represents you
Not Quite All Things Considered: Why the Mainstream Media Discounts Bernie Sanders
John Atcheson · Recently, on All Things Considered—you know, that bastion of liberal media—Mara Liasson, talking about the prospect of Joe Biden running for President said: There are many Democrats who think it would be good for Hillary Clinton...
It's the Planet Stupid!: Capitalism and The Destruction of the Commons
John Atcheson · There is a war going on right now between those who are working to protect the commons and the hard-core capitalists, who are working to privatize our economy, culture, ecology, environment and government.