Articles by Jason Von Meding
Who’s Afraid of Vulnerability?
Jason von Meding & Heidi Harmon · Reframing vulnerability as a strength is what makes transformation possible.
Risk Rooted in Colonial Era Weighs on Bahamas Efforts to Rebuild After Hurricane Dorian
Jason von Meding, David Prevatt and Ksenia Chmutina · When Hurricane Dorian made landfall on Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas on Sept. 1, 2019, it packed winds of up to 185 miles per hour and a 20-foot storm surge. A day later, it ravaged Grand Bahama for 24 hours.
Nepal Earthquake Reconstruction Won’t Succeed Until the Vulnerability of Survivors Is Addressed
Jason von Meding, Hari Darshan Shrestha, Humayun Kabir, Ifte Ahmed · In April 2015 the Gorkha earthquake brought Nepal’s vulnerability sharply into focus. Alongside massive damage to the built environment, the terrible impact on the people of Nepal sent shockwaves around the world. 
Why Natural Disasters Aren’t All That Natural
Ksenia Chmutina, Jason Von Meding, JC Gaillard & Lee Bosher · Disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes result from a combination of natural hazards and social and human vulnerability. Calling them 'natural disasters' artificially naturalises the harms they cause.
Agent Orange, Exposed: How U.S. Chemical Warfare in Vietnam Unleashed a Slow-Moving Disaster
Jason Von Meding & Hang Thai · The use of Agent Orange in Vietnam had deep impacts, including a poisoned water supply, birth defects and cancer. Despite decades of attempted litigation, justice for spraying victims seems unlikely.
Show Up, Stand up and Step Up: Bold Action in the Wake of Storms
Jason von Meding and Heidi Harmon · It is unusual for disasters to garner as much sustained coverage in the media as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have. Authors have been able to explore complex aspects of disasters in more nuanced ways than fleeting public interest...
Religion Is Not the Only Reason Rohingyas Are Being Forced Out of Myanmar
Giuseppe Forino, Jason von Meding, Tom Johnson · Recent weeks have seen an escalation of violence against the Rohingya in Rakhine, the poorest state of Myanmar. A tide of displaced people are seeking refuge from atrocities – they are fleeing both on foot and by boat to Bangladesh. It...
In Vietnam Poverty and Poor Development, Not Just Floods, Kill the Most Marginalised
Jason Von Meding · Flooding and landslides in northwest Vietnam have caused widespread devastation since the start of August. The disaster crippled the provinces of Son La, Dien Bien, Yen Bai and Lai Chau, situated within one of the most disadvantaged...
Trump-Turnbull Call: Trading People Like Pawns Undermines the Goals of International Co-Operation
Amy Maguire & Jason von Meding · What is the point of international co-operation in matters of shared concern? According to the UN Charter, its founding member nations were determined to achieve overarching societal progress based on human rights.
Sacred Cows of Cancun (And Some Elephants in the Room)
Jason Von Meding · What was missing from the latest UN conference on Disasters?