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Articles by Jason Hickel
Averting the Apocalypse: Lessons From Costa Rica
Jason Hickel Chasing economic growth gains us nothing but global warming. We should follow the lead of tiny Costa Rica, where life expectancy is soaring
In Defense of Degrowth
Jason Hickel Why infinite growth on a finite planet is impossible, and why the alternative can actually be beautiful.
Don’t Be Scared About the End of Capitalism—Be Excited to Build What Comes Next
Jason Hickel and Martin Kirk Instead of fixating on a fight between capitalism and socialism, imagine innovating a future economy that transcends old binaries.
Are You Ready to Consider That Capitalism Is the Real Problem?
Dr. Jason Hickel and Martin Kirk Before you say no, take a moment to really ask yourself whether it’s the system that’s best suited to build our future society.
The Paris Climate Deal Won’t Save Us – Our Future Depends on De-Growth
Jason Hickel When Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris climate deal, the world reacted with outrage. And rightly so: the agreement represents a remarkable achievement in...
Basic Income Isn’t Just a Nice Idea. It's a Birthright
Jason Hickel A basic income could defeat the scarcity mindset, instill a sense of solidarity and even ease the anxieties that gave us Brexit and Trump
Aid in Reverse: How Poor Countries Develop Rich Countries
Jason Hickel New research shows that developing countries send trillions of dollars more to the west than the other way around. Why?
All Change or No Change?
Martin Kirk, Jason Hickel and Joe Brewer This is a story of power, but perhaps not the traditional kind. The kinds of power we are interested in are the deep currents.... the cultural forces that shape all of our...
Regenerative Agriculture: Our Best Shot at Cooling the Planet?
Jason Hickel It’s getting hot out there. For a stretch of 16 months running through August 2016, new global temperature records were set every month.[1] Ice cover in the Arctic sea hit a...
Clean Energy Won't Save Us - Only a New Economic System Can
Jason Hickel It’s time to pour our creative energies into imagining a new global economy. Infinite growth is a dangerous illusion
Time for Degrowth: to Save the Planet, We Must Shrink the Economy
Jason Hickel What is so refreshing about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is that they recognise the inherent tension between economic development and the ecology of our planet. Or so...
Flipping the Corruption Myth: Which is More Corrupt, the Petty Dictatorship or the Superpower that Installs It?
Jason Hickel Corruption is by far not the main factor behind persisting poverty in the Global South. Transparency International recently published their latest annual Corruption...