Articles by J. Krishnamurti
How can we create a society which will encourage goodness?
J. Krishnamurti · To the intellectuals, ''goodness'' is a terrible word, and they generally want to avoid it, but now it is becoming the fashion even among the intellectuals to use that word. And is there goodness when there is a motive behind it? If I...
Fear Is One of the Greatest Problems in Life
J. Krishnamurti · Before we go any further I would like to ask you what is your fundamental, lasting interest in life? Putting all oblique answers aside and dealing with this question directly and honestly, what would you answer? Do you know?
What Do You Think It Means to Be Utterly and Totally Free?
J. Krishnamurti · None of the agonies of suppression, nor the brutal discipline of conforming to a pattern has led to truth. To come upon truth the mind must be completely free, without a spot of distortion.
Relationships Based on Images Can Never Bring Lasting Peace, Yet Our Whole Society Is Built on Images
J. Krishnamurti · Relationship between human beings is based on the image-forming, defensive mechanism. In all our relationships each one of us builds an image about the other and these two images have relationship, not the human beings themselves. The...
The Ending Of Sorrow
J. Krishnamurti · First of all I would like to remind you if I may, this is not an intellectual entertainment nor some kind of romantic ideological rubbish. We are dealing with our daily life, with our relationship with each other, and also what is...
The Demand to be Safe in a Relationship Inevitably Breeds Sorrow and Fear
J. Krishnamurti · This seeking for security is inviting insecurity. Have you ever found security in any of your relationships? Have you?
Can We Go to the Very Root of Violence and Be Free from It?
J. Krishnamurti · FEAR, PLEASURE, SORROW, thought and violence are all interrelated. Most of us take pleasure in violence, in disliking somebody, hating a particular race or group of people, having antagonistic feelings towards others. But in a state of...