Articles by Hamilton Nolan
Democrats Will Never Stop Triangulating Against Justice
HAMILTON NOLAN · Running against “defund the police” is both cowardly and wrong. Democratic leaders find that irresistible.
You Can't Hurt the Gangsters at the Capitalist Casino by Shuffling the Chips Around to Different Bets. You Take Their Chips off the Table.
Hamilton Nolan · Pumping up GameStop will do nothing to change what people hate about Wall Street. There’s a better way.
Bernie Sanders' Real Obstacle Is Not Trump. It's the Democratic Establishment
Hamilton Nolan · The fact that Sanders can succeed without the party machine enrages those who sacrificed their idealism to play the game
In One Month We Will Begin Intentionally Starving Poor People
Hamilton Nolan · At the end of March, 22 states will begin imposing work requirements on people who want food stamps. Hundreds of thousands of people will likely lose their food aid. The Wall Street Journal reports that starting on April 1, all of...
Hey, Now Would Be a Great Time for a Carbon Tax
Hamilton Nolan · Wow, the price of oil is still low as hell. Oil company earnings are terrible. Consumer prices at the pump are super cheap. Oh, that remind me, you know what we could use right now?