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Articles by Bruce A. Dixon
Black Political Discussion on the 2016 Presidential Race Is Wider and Deeper Than in 2008 or 2012
Bruce A. Dixon · Remember the black presidential discussion in 2007 and 2008?
How "Progressive Black Democrats" in Your Town and Moral Monday in GA Fight For Us. Not.
Bruce A. Dixon · Wherever you see angry black people in motion, you'll find Democratic party elements doing their thing, protecting the careers of the elected and unelected members of the black political class from politicians to preachers and prison...
Taking the Initiative Back For the Movement After the Brinsley Killings
Bruce A. Dixon · For brutal wannabe fascists like police union thugs, for liberal authoritarian politicians like President Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus and most big city mayors, for media talking head like CNN's Don Lemon, and for weaseling...
Barack Obama VS Those Craaaazy Republicans: Is He the Lesser Evil, or the More Effective Evil?
Bruce A. Dixon · The last refuge of Obamaphiles is that no matter how many times the First Black President double-crosses us by cutting Medicare and Medicaid, no matter how completely be betrays his voters by ignoring black unemployment, by deporting...