Our website is still in beta, which means we're still actively adding new features, refining our existing features, and looking for ways to continually improve the site. If you have any ideas for improvements, please shoot us an email via the contact page. 

Below is our current list of features:

Facebook Connect
Create a Films For Action account with just two clicks with Facebook Connect. Sign in instantly when you're logged into Facebook. Stay connected with your friends on the site and follow their activity and import your profile picture and other basic info.

Online Films
The core of our previous site - a constantly growing resource of online viewable documentaries, short films, and videos hand-picked to change the world.

Independent News
Republished and original articles covering the global transition to a socially-just, sustainable paradigm.

Take Action
Providing a wealth of action ideas for individuals or groups to draw inspiration from. Accompanying each "Action" are supporting articles, how-to guides, related websites, media tools, videos, and other learning materials to help carry out the action.

Community Contributed Content
Anyone can add videos, news headlines, original articles, and actions.

Instantaneous Search
The top results appear as you type, or you can hit enter for advanced search options.

Member Profiles
Fully featured member profile pages, with info tailored to encourage collaboration and real world connections.

Friend Activity Feed
Your profile page features a feed of friend activity on the site. You can follow new people by clicking on any member's profile link and clicking follow on their page.

Private Messages
Send messages to other members.

Voting on Content
Join us for an experiment in participatory democracy! Rate everything you view on the site: 5 stars if you'd share it several times over time. 4 stars if you'd definitely share it. 3 stars for might or might not share. 2 stars for would not share. 1 star for duplicate content or inappropriate for the site. 

Your reputation serves as a general mark of how much others on the site trust and value your contributions. You gain reputation points whenever another user votes up something you added. You can lose points by the same measure. When you hit a certain reputation/level threshold, you will gain greater editorial privileges on the site (still in development).

As you add more content and participate more in the site, you gain levels. You'll level up at different times depending on the type of content. With each level up and a comparable reputation level, you'll gain additional "voting weight," making it easier to push content to the homepage or hide the duds. In this way, members receive greater editorial privileges directly from the Films For Action community and their own participation. 

When you go to any member's profile page, you can "follow" them, adding their activity to your friends' activity feed on your profile page.

Want to support the project? You can easily make secure donations by credit card, debit card or check through the Donate page.

Custom Embeddable Widgets
Embed regularly updating Films For Action videos on your website or blog. Customize how the videos are updated and what subjects you want your widget to feature.

Featured Films
We've scoured the internet and watched thousands of videos in our efforts to catalog over 2500 of the best social-change inspiring films available to watch free on the internet. We'd consider it the best of what can be found online. That said, 2500 videos is still a lot of videos, and save for the hardcore documentary junkies among us, we realized we needed another layer to help orient people that want to jump straight to the most recommended -- so consider our featured films the cream of the cream!

Film of the Day
Our homepage features a new featured film every day, which you can watch directly on the homepage. Rolling your mouse over the video will reveal more details about the film.

RSS Feed
Get our RSS feed to follow the newest 4+ star rated content on the site.

Super Totally Awesome Fast
The site code has been optimized for a surprisingly fast user-experience.

City Chapters
Create a Films For Action chapter in your own city. Get a few friends together, start organizing film screenings and launch targeted campaigns to advance local issues. In addition, our City Chapter sites offer a variety of tools geared to help create a vibrant independent media resource for your city.

City Chapter Features:

A calendar of events, detailing all of the progressive/radical activist events happening in the city's area at any given time. 

Local News
News and articles written and contributed by local residents in the spirit of democratic, participatory journalism.

A listing of local activist groups, united by our common vision for a better future, detailing who they are, what they do, and how those interested can get involved.