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While Western media coverage of the Ebola crisis faded sometime in November, daily case counts in Sierra Leone continued to grow exponentially through the top of the new year. Okayafrica, teaming up with single-subject news site Ebola Deeply, arrived in Freetown on New Year's Eve in the midst of a countrywide State of Emergency. Part 1: introduction to the Outbreak in Sierra Leone (2mins) Part 2: looks at the economic effects of one of Sierra Leone's biggest tourist attractions, the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Bala Amarasekaran, the Sanctuary’s founder and program director, fears that the economic damage will not be quickly turned around, “it took us ten years to wipe out the rebel war image, now it is Ebola, it will take us another ten years, so that means this is going to have a... read more
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