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Trump is a Symptom of Corporate Globalization
By redistributing economic and political power from corporate monopolies to millions of small businesses, localization has the power to revitalize the democratic process...
Why Did Activists Chain Themselves to the Runway at Stansted Airport?
Just over a year ago we were convicted for our part in the Heathrow 13 action. We occupied the Northern runway at Heathrow, cancelling 25 flights, saving hundreds of tonnes of...
Rosie the Riveter for the 21st Century: You Dreamed, We Drew
YES! Magazine readers submitted their ideas for updating the classic icon. See the winning poster ideas—and download your favorites.
Debating the British Empire's 'Legacy' Is Pointless - This Is Still an Imperial World
As the march towards Brexit rekindles arguments over British nationalism and the strength and merits of the union between England and Scotland, the mass of conflicted feelings...
9 Times Video Games Were Great for Mental Health
There is a common misconception that video games induce loneliness, or a symptom of disconnection. But although games are often blamed as a cause of mental illness...
5 Things You Can Do To Help Immigrant and Muslim Neighbors
People are turning their frustrations with the Trump administration into actions that make a meaningful difference in the lives of vulnerable community members.
Break the Chain - Fortnight of Action Against Fracking Supply Chain Begins
Campaigners block access to quarry supplying material to fracking industry, calling on suppliers to 'break the chain' that enables fracking against the wishes of locals.
Five Maps That Will Change How You See the World
Boston public schools recently announced that they will shift to using world maps based on the Peters projection, reportedly the first time a US public school district has done...
'Disaster': Trump Administration Signs off on Keystone XL Pipeline
'Donald Trump only cares about making his special interest pals richer even though our children will inherit a world ravaged by climate change'
A Letter to Extremists
40 people injured. 4 dead. An attack likely inspired by ‘international terrorism’ and Islamist-motivated. We know that Islamist terrorists, from ISIS to al-Qaeda and...
Why Recognizing Our Own Privilege Can Be so Hard
There is a kind of lottery that very rarely is talked about in which every single human being participates.
21St Century Bastards #Faketoys May Be the Best Thing on the Internet
In a world where some of the most unimaginable shitheads keep getting elevated to positions of authority and influence, it's gratifying to see them taken down a peg or two...
From the Politics of Division to the Politics of Humanity
We must not give up on revolutionary optimism. It may get us some important concessions from neo-liberalism—and possibly much, much more.
Capitalism and Communism - Two Economic Systems With the Same Goal
For the majority of the past century, a battle has been waged between two dominant ideologies – capitalism and communism.  Both competing economic systems focus on how best to...
The Real Truth About Fake News
Every day, we’re treated to another barrage of outright falsehoods from the White House: Trump won the election by a landslide, Sweden is the crime capital of Europe, corpses...
Ending the Empathy Gap
Our aim is a society where people are guaranteed the necessities of life not because they’re sympathetic, but because they’re human beings.
Will the Poor Always Be With Us?
Poverty as we know it is not and has never been the fate of humanity.
This Is What It Takes to Stand Up: The Essence of Courage
What makes people brave? Vanessa Baird takes a look at an under-examined quality that can change the world.
No, You're Not Entitled to Your Opinion
Every year, I try to do at least two things with my students at least once. First, I make a point of addressing them as “philosophers” – a bit cheesy, but hopefully it...
How to Sustain Your Activism: What Grace Lee Boggs Would Have Taught Us
Three principles to help you avoid burnout and continue working toward a better world.
A Last Chance for Resistance
The crawl toward despotism within a failed democracy is always incremental. No regime planning to utterly extinguish civil liberties advertises its intentions in advance. It...
Every Town Needs a Remakery
The Edinburgh Remakery is a social enterprise that teaches repair. The shop sells refurbished computers and furniture, and hosts workshops where people can come along and learn...
America's Greatest Enemy Is Our Own Self-Defeating Division
"Capitalism is Evil!" "No, socialism is Evil!" "You must love oligarchy!" "You must love communism!" Sound familiar? That's what passes for "debate" these days- beating each...
Five Paradoxes About the State of the Media
We are living in a time full of threats – and unprecedented possibilities, especially when it comes to the state of the media. Let’s consider five paradoxes, in no...
"Morally Obscene" Trump Budget Proposal Stands to Make America Cruel Again
Environment, public education, worker protections, and cultural institutions all stand to lose under Trump's "cruel" budget blueprint
Picasso Recognized That Art is Political
Pablo Picasso was feeling uninspired. The world’s most famous artistic genius had been commissioned to do a painting for the Spanish Pavilion at the Paris World’s Fair in...
How to Resist From a Place of Love: Self-Care for the Long Haul
If you want to sustain yourself for the work ahead, here’s some advice: It doesn’t matter whether the other side “deserves” anger.
'Healthcare Is a Right': Bernie Sanders Finds Common Ground in Trump Country
In rural McDowell County, West Virginia, a crowd of Trump supporters cheered progressive senator's call for universal healthcare
How to Protect Your Private Data When You Travel to the United States
On January 30 – three days after US President Donald Trump signed an executive order restricting immigration from several predominantly Muslim countries – an American scientist...
A Robot Lawyer Is Assisting With Refugee Applications
When Joshua Browder developed the chatbot for DoNotPay, the original idea was just to help people out with their traffic ticket woes. DoNotPay has since successfully...
Have We Been Denying Our Human Nature for Four Hundred Years?
Eurocentric modernism has unhinged us from our human nature, argues Rajani Kanth in his new book
From Standing Rock to DC - Call for a Week of Solidarity to Support Arrestees
April 1 to 7: Call for a Week of Solidarity
Simone De Beauvoir's Political Philosophy Resonates Today
Simone de Beauvoir is rightly best known for declaring: ‘One is not born, but rather becomes, woman.’ A less well-known facet of her philosophy, particularly relevant today, is...
How I Stopped Believing I Was Separate From the Universe
Have you heard any of these statements before? Life is hard and requires sacrifice. If you work hard, you will succeed. There is not enough. Look out for yourself. The world...
How to Start Participatory Budgeting in Your City
Have you noticed all the cuts being made to your city budget? To schools and libraries, fire fighters and social services, and other public spending? Think you could do a...
8 Ways to Master the Art of Mindful Communication
Communication is essential to achieve successful human interactions. However, the type of communication we have highly determines the outcome of our relationships. It all...
In Praise of Boredom
Or, The Curse of the iPad Stalks the Land
The Danger of Fetishizing Revolution
What do contact with extraterrestrials, the return of Jesus Christ, apocalypse, and revolution all have in common? In a sense, they are all imagined redemptions — epic reset...
How Women-Led Movements Are Redefining Power, From California to Nepal
In the face of corporate domination, economic injustice, and climate change, movements led by women offer a revolutionary path.
How 90% of American Households Lost an Average of $17,000 in Wealth to the Plutocrats in 2016
America has always been great for the richest 1%, and it's rapidly becoming greater. Confirmation comes from recent work by Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez, and Gabriel...
What Should We Do If the President Is a Liar?
We face a very serious political problem in this country, and that problem is manifested in a post written yesterday by Amber Phillips of The Washington Post. In her piece...
A Day Without a Women on International Women's Day
Strike for equity, justice and the human rights of women and all gender-oppressed people
WikiLeaks Reveals CIA Hacking Tools in Largest Release of Spying Secrets to Date
Today, Tuesday 7 March 2017, WikiLeaks begins its new series of leaks on the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Code-named "Vault 7" by WikiLeaks, it is the largest ever...
Media Theorised - 5 Profound Lessons in Media Literacy
Now more than ever, we cannot take news media at face value – we need tools to read media critically, strategies to discern how information works. This is what inspired The...
Muslim Ban 2.0: Trump Rolls Out New Executive Order on Immigration
"It's still religious discrimination in the pre-textual guise of national security. And it's still unconstitutional."
"Clean Brexit" Sounds Like a Horse That Hits the First Fence in the Grand National and Gets Shot in the Teeth
Theresa May was defeated in the Lords last week, and ever since has worn the appalled expression of a famously strict headmistress who has intercepted a note being passed...
Why Popular Assemblies Sweeping the Country Are Building Blocks of the Resistance
From Raleigh to Los Angeles, communities on the frontlines are building the movement infrastructure for a coordinated fightback.
5 Ways May Is as Bad as Trump
Donald Trump’s presidency has already been an unprecedented barrage of racism, homophobia, sexism and other attacks on human rights and the planet. He is a racist, a...
How a 'Rogue' White House Twitter Account Is Trying to Make Itself Credible
Donald Trump’s administration has seen several “rogue” Twitter accounts claiming to be from staffers in the White House and other US governmental agencies. The accounts purport...
Homeless in a City of Empty Properties
I have been besieged by a jumbled, confused trail of thoughts Squatters in a Russian oligarch’s palatial Belgravia house? Sounds like the 1970s to me, and the long-dormant...