Bolivia: Fighting for decent work

Goal 1 of the Millennium Development Goals : Reduce extreme poverty and hunger.

Juan Carlos Baltazar is from La Paz, Bolivia, and began working at the age of six, selling candy and cigarettes late into the night in bars, in order to support his mother and siblings. Out of necessity, he has worked a variety of jobs including : cook, baker, ice cream vendor, street peddler, shoe shiner, carpenter, bricklayer, actor, miner, domestic worker, among other jobs.

In 2012 he finished his secondary level education at CEMA (Center of Accelerated Education). He dreams of pursuing higher education, of going to university, and of getting a job in order to change Bolivian society. He lives in a neighbourhood called Urkupiña in the city of El Alto.  He and his wife, Remedios, have two children : John, 8 years old, and Alex, 5. He is an active member of the community and he is dedicated to supporting and working with the most excluded people.

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Bolivia: Fighting for decent work