Real Time with Bill Maher: The United States of You Don't Wanna Know
5 min · Bill Maher calls out deregulators for shielding corporations at the expense of consumers. 
The True Cost
3 min · Rent or own the film today! Visit for more details. Available on DVD, Blu-Ray, iTunes, Amazon, or VHX. Available on iTunes: The...
Minister No More!
Yanis Varoufakis · The referendum of 5th July will stay in history as a unique moment when a small European nation rose up against debt-bondage.
Greece - What You Are Not Being Told by the Media
Chris Kanthan · According to mainstream media, the current economic crisis in Greece is due to the government spending too much money on its people that it went broke. This claim however, is a...
Greek Referendum: 'People Power Has Happened'
2 min · As the referendum results come in, Paul Mason with an update on the very latest from Athens.
Greece's Referendum: One No, Many yeses!
Jerome Roos · A victory for OXI (No) would not just help restore a sense of dignity to Greece; it would strengthen the ground for anti-austerity struggles across Europe.
Anarchy Now! Chile Elects to Revolt
17 min · This week we take a look at the 6 plus year student revolt in Chile, plus ballot burning fury in Mexico and an interview with militants from Santiago who tell us about the...
Addiction, Climate Change, and the Psychology of Recovery
Sarah Levine · How does addiction relate to our relationship to the living world?
Deep, Systemic Change Is Essential, But Is That The Only Type of Change We Should Care About?
Charles Eisenstein · Perhaps we could look at acts of direct human-level compassion as complements to, not substitutes for, action on a social or political level.
Good News for the Anthropocene
Christian Schwägerl · The best news for a good Anthropocene is that the human brain is a master at learning and relearning and that “rewiring” takes place all the time. Until old age, learning...
Kid Warrior: The Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Story
6 min · The planet doesn't need saving. We do. Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is not your average 14 year old. Dubbed the ‘Anti-Bieber', he is mobilizing his army of teens in 25 countries to...
US Police Killings in 2015: Inside the Shocking Numbers in 2 Minutes
2 min · The Guardian has logged every police killing in America this year, and, as of 1 July 2015, 547 people have been killed by law enforcement. (This video shows the figures up to...
This Zen Comic Is Full of Timeless Life Lessons
Gavin Aung Than · Desiderata poem by Max Ehrmann beautifully illustrated by Gavin Aung Than
“Heritage Not Hate”: A Lie With Any Flag
Kevin Carson · Images circulated, in the aftermath of Dylann Roof’s racially motivated mass shooting at the historically black Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, included not only numerous...
These Are The 3 Climate Tipping Points That Keep Scientists Awake At Night
3 min · This knowledge isn't supposed to make us afraid - it's meant to stir our hearts into action - to give us the fire that we can use to save everything we love. If you're...
Reflections on Privilege Theory
Tim Hjersted · What privilege theory describes is undeniably true. And the facts and perspectives that privilege theory attempts to illuminate remains an essential aspect of education that...
Was The Soviet Union Really a Socialist Country? Noam Chomsky Dispels This Propaganda In 1 Minute
1 min · Both America and Stalin's Soviet Union has called his regime a socialist system, but for different reasons. America called Stalin's dictatorship a socialist system because it...
Heard That Old Saying Democracy Is the Tyranny of The Majority? It Was Propaganda Invented By Elites
6 min · Is it really surprising that the elite minority would try to convince the majority over which they rule, that democracy = tyranny? This is a clip taken from the film Golden...
Republicans Welcomed Bernie Sanders to Wisconsin By Calling Him an Extremist. His Response? Perfect.
5 min · This was just awesome. No wonder so many people love Sander's message. The opening minutes of the July 1st rally was a classic #FeelTheBern moment, delivered to a 10,000...
The Greatest War Going On Today Has Been Called The Silent War, Because Few Ever Speak Of It
3 min · "There are no bullets, but it's a war in which people are dying... And the principle weapon, is debt." This clip is taken from the beginning of the film War By Other Means...
Systemic Racism: Is That Really a Thing?
8 min · This multi-part video series highlights the impact of systemic racism on our everyday lives. And yeah, it's really a thing. In each 1 minute video, a different example of...
Angela Glover Blackwell on Systemic Racism
3 min · In this powerful clip, PolicyLink's Angela Glover Blackwell connects today's unrelenting cases of police violence to systemic causes, underlining the urgency of systemic...
How The Elite Stay In Power
5 min · In this video we break down in simple terms the only way "those in power" can stay in power. It's not as complex at it may seem. They need us more than we need them.
Give Up Hope: It's The Best Chance We Have to Save Everything We Love
Derrick Jensen · The most common words I hear spoken by any environmentalists anywhere are, We’re fucked. Most of these environmentalists are fighting desperately, using whatever tools they...
An Economic Hit Man Speaks Out: John Perkins on How Greece Has Fallen Victim to ''Economic Hit Men''
Michael Nevradakis · John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, discusses how Greece and other eurozone countries have become the new victims of "economic hit men."
Small Loans, Big Problems: The False Promise of Microfinance
Helena Norberg-Hodge · Ever since Bill Clinton and the World Bank enthusiastically embraced the microfinance concept in the 1990s, we at Local Futures have been skeptical of its benefits, seeing it...
The Global Economy's "Impeccable Logic"
Steven Gorelick · Ever since the Occupy movement coined the terms “the 1%” and “the 99%” to point out disparities of wealth and power, the gap between rich and poor has received a lot of...
What's In A Name? In Some Cases a Legacy of Oppression
Andrew Butler · There is an increasing global movement to change colonial place names that refelect changing attitudes toward colonialsim and imperialism and a wish to throw off the schackles...
In Defence of Greece: 6 Myths Busted
Joseph Leigh, Lewis Bassett & Michael Walker · Syriza’s negotiations with the Troika have fulfilled a pedagogical role : of showing the unwillingness of undemocratic institutions such as the EU and IMF to respect the...
Shocking Short Film Highlights the Environmental Cost of the Aviation Industry
1 min · It's really not about polar bears any more... We have a problem. We're flying too much, and it's changing the earth's climate. Aviation is the fastest growing cause of climate...
The West Has Normalised Racist Wars - But You Can't Solve Complex Problems with 1,000lb Bombs
Frankie Boyle · ‘Radicalisation’ is our new dirty word in the US and UK, yet radical change is needed. Here’s an idea: stop trying to fix the world with high explosives
The World As It Is
5 min · This is the truth about the world today: not as it should be, or how it was taught to us in schools, but as it really is. The 5 minute clip is from OBEY (2013), a film based...
Redesigning Cities Could Solve Our Biggest Problems. But We're Hardly Talking About Them.
4 min · Cities are the biggest thing we create. But when we talk about sustainability, there is still surprisingly little discussion about how our cities are designed as a whole. This...
A Quick History Lesson about Race, Class, Prisons and You
4 min · MIT's Phil Thompson explains how the struggles against slavery and Jim Crow were not just about reaffirming human rights, but also about transforming the economy. "The sad...
16 Reasons Why Opening Our Borders Makes More Sense Than Militarizing Them
Roque Planas · What would happen if the United States suddenly stopped building walls and instead flung open its borders, not unlike the European Union has done among the member countries of...
Be Careful What You Order, This Waiter Tells the Truth
3 min · Asking this waiter "how the streak comes" meets with an unexpected answer.
Pathways 2 Resilience
11 min · Approximately two years ago a collaborative of Oakland based non and for profit companies and organizations including; The Green Life, Earthseed Consulting, Planting Justice...
Intifada Street Brings You Revolutionary Resistance Art
Andrew Butler · For the last few years Bradford born and based artist Mohammed Hamza has been putting out some of the best revolutionary art around under the Intifada Street banner. As the...
TiSA: The Scariest Trade Deal Nobody's Talking About Has Suffered a Big Leak
David Dayen · Wikileaks has blown the lid off another trade deal being negotiated 'on our behalf' by our governments, in secret without democratic scrutiny or debate, that threatens people...
How a White Supremacist Became a Civil Rights Activist
Araz Hachadourian · The story of a KKK leader’s transformation shows us that we need not live forever with the kind of violence we saw in Charleston this month.
Working to Live or Living to Work?
3 min · What's Life without Moments? Vacations should be a time to go away and come together. Prince EA suggests that from now on we take our #WholeVacation
The IMF Has Made €2.5 Billion Profit Out of Greece Loans
Jubilee Debt Campaign · Ahead of the payment of €462 million by Greece to the IMF on Thursday 9 April, figures released by the Jubilee Debt Campaign show that the IMF has made €2.5 billion of profit...
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Transgender Rights
17 min · This week's gay rights victory was historic, but the transgender community still faces staggering challenges. John Oliver focuses on the "T" in "LGBT."
The Enormous Impacts Of Animal Agriculture on Our Planet
2 min · This short clip come from the excellent documentary Cowspiracy, wich follows the shocking, yet humorous journey of an aspiring environmentalist as he daringly seeks to find the...
TPP/TTIP/TiSA Grants Banks Terrifying Secret Powers
8 min · "In March 2014, the Bank of England let the cat out of the bag: money is just an IOU, and the banks are rolling in it. So wrote David Graeber in The Guardian the same month...
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