This Economic Collapse Is a 'Crisis of Bigness'
Paul Kingsnorth · Leopold Kohr warned 50 years ago that the gigantist global system would grow until it imploded. We should have listened
What Is Wilderness?
3 min · The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘wilderness’ as; an uncultivated, uninhabited, and inhospitable region. Whilst travelling around Scotland, I encountered both city and...
It's Not Climate Change  -  It's Everything Change
Margaret E. Atwood · Oil! Our secret god, our secret sharer, our magic wand, fulfiller of our every desire, our co-conspirator, the sine qua non in all we do! Can’t live with it, can’t — right at...
Three Things Gender Intelligent Men Do Differently
Cari E. Guittard · Earlier this month, I hosted a conversation on Gender Intelligence from the male point of view at The Hult International Business School's San Francisco Campus. The purpose of...
ʻĀINA: That Which Feeds Us (2015)
22 min · ʻĀINA (pronounced "eye-nah") means "That Which Feeds Us" in the Hawaiian language. The film highlights a way to address some of the most pressing environmental and health...
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Mandatory Minimums
15 min · Mandatory minimums require fixed prison sentences for certain crimes. John Oliver explains why we treat some turkeys better than most low-level offenders. Connect with Last...
Ending Mass Incarceration: The Ongoing Call to Faith Communities
Janis Rosheuvel and Lissette Castillo Vizcarra and Pastor Lilian Amaya · The crisis of incarceration this nation now faces demands people of faith act with swift and fierce moral authority to transform, not just reform, an irreparably broken...
Transition From Caterpillar to Butterfly as Analogy for Social Chance
4 min · An exceprt from Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview in which Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about the fractal nature of reality and compares the current global awakening and the...
Traffic Stop
3 min · Alex Landau, an African American man, was raised by his adoptive white parents to believe that skin color didn’t matter. But when Alex was pulled over by Denver police officers...
Our Existence is Weird and Wonderful says Alan Watts
3 min · "Existence is relationship, and you are smack in the middle of it ."
Rap News 34: Immigrants! Feat. Donald Trump, Katie Hopkins & Tony Abbott
7 min · In this broadcast we look at the controversial subject of immigration. Mass exoduses of people - refugees, asylum seekers, and migrant workers - are taking place all over the...
Where is California's Water Really Going? (And Where is it not?)
3 min · Comedian Eddie Pepitone gives some revealing statistics about how California's water is distributed during the most recent water shortage. (2015)
The Stanford Prison Experiment (2002)
29 min · The Stanford Prison Experiment (SPE) took place in 1971. Young men were divided into the roles of Prisoner and Guard and put in a prison-like environment in the basement of the...
Israel To Demolish Palestinian Village Of Susiya
2 min · The Palestinian village of Susiya is about to bulldozed after Israel's high court recently rejected an injunction to stop the demolition. People have been fighting the...
Cries of Betrayal, Calls to Organize as Obama Approves Arctic Drilling
Sarah Lazare · 'With this decision, President Obama has given Shell an open invitation to turn the Chukchi Sea into an energy sacrifice zone,' said Marissa Knodel of Friends of the Earth
A Simple Mind Trick Will Help You Think More Rationally
2 min · Emotions can cloud our rational decision-making. By adopting the perspective of an outside advisor, psychologist Dan Ariely says we can inject some rationality into our...
Desmond Tutu: Not Going Quietly
47 min · Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the famous Nobel laureate, and one of the world's most respected church leaders, was a central figure in ensuring an end to white minority rule in...
Are Hospital Farms the Next Big Thing in Healthcare Reform?
Jodi Helmer · This summer, St. Luke’s Hospital started sending all new moms home from the hospital with a basket of fresh produce, recipes and literature about the importance of a healthy...
TPP, TTIP, TiSA, ISDS - Acronyms to End Democracy
6 min · The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), and TISA (Trade in Services Agreement) are currently being negotiated behind closed...
Sandra Bland Arrest Video Shows an Officer Out of Control - Edited Footage Suggests Cover-up
Jennifer Baker · Police dashboard camera video released on Tuesday shows no evidence that Sandra Bland assaulted her arresting officer or [was given] any reason for her arrest on July 10 after...
The Next Time Someone Responds to "Black Lives Matter" with "All Lives Matter" Send Them This
GeekAesthete · Imagine that you're sitting down to dinner with your family, and while everyone else gets a serving of the meal, you don't get any. So you say "I should get my fair share." And...
Nature Needs You
9 min · People across Australia are standing their ground for nature. There's a lot at stake, but we're ready to face the challenge together. It's not just our iconic landscapes and...
Love and Grow Rich
Josh Shulman · Neither the poor man nor the rich man can get enough of me. What am I?     Money Throughout human history, we've molded the material world around us to provide for our...
Why Are You So Angry?
63 min · An exploration of internet harasment and hate campaigns, looking at mob mentality, how those who respond agresively may feel they are being attacked and how to deal with these...
Musician Roger Waters Takes The United States to Task
2 min · Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd, discusses education in the United States and the world view that sets the US apart from "others". His album Amused to Death is described...
A Tribute to Jane Goodall
3 min · This is a video produced by National Geographic Television and the Jane Goodall Institute to honor Dr. Goodall for her 80th birthday.
The Case for a "Jazz Revolution" Against Corporate Capitalism
Keith Harrington · Bottom up? Top down? Improvisation is the key to a middle way.
What Our Food Is Really Doing to the Planet, in 15 Jaw-Dropping Images
Max Plenke · When current science news is filled with pictures — incredible, beautiful, literally awesome pictures — of planetary bodies 3 billion miles away, it's easy to forget what's...
The Yes Men's Solution to California's Drought: If You Eat Beef, Don't Wash
11 min · Would you stop showering if it meant that was the only way you could keep eating beef? California's ongoing drought needs radical action. But in a state dependent on...
Horizon-1: A New Horizon For Humanity
15 min · For two weeks in March 2015, a film crew was given exclusive access to the Horizon-1 high-tech experimental community, which has been in development since 2006 via an...
This Is the Best Way to Fight Back Against London's Anti-homeless Spikes
Little Atoms · In the past few years, central London has witnessed the rise of "anti-homeless spikes", rows of small steel protrusions placed in doorways to make them too uncomfortable for...
Malian Singer's New Video Shows 4 Generations of Women Standing Up for Peace and Freedom
4 min · Malian-French soul pop singer Inna Modja shares the music video for “Tombouctou,” her latest single off the upcoming Motel Bamako album. The visuals, shot in Bamako at Malick...
The End of Capitalism Has Begun
Paul Mason · Without us noticing, we are entering the postcapitalist era. At the heart of further change to come is information technology, new ways of working and the sharing economy. The...
Greek Doctor Calls Austerity Measures "Crime Against Humanity"
3 min · Paul Mason explains Greece's tough third bailout package as the cogs of its economy start to turn again. He meets a doctor whose hospital has had its budget slashed from €19...
8 Infographics Exposing the Extent of Corporate Lobbying on TTIP
Corporate Europe Observatory · Which businesses are pushing most for the proposed EU-US trade deal TTIP? Who’s influencing EU negotiators? Corporate Europe Observatory’s eight new info-graphics reveal the...
How Many Drone Strikes Does It Take to Kill a Terrorist?
7 min · Are drone strikes as "precise" and "effective" as the US government would like us to think? The short answer is, Hell NO. What the US government doens't want you to know about...
Love Is a Limited Resource: On Trauma and Queer Utopias
Clementine Morrigan · As a a person who is queer and politicized and poly (though currently with one partner) my newsfeeds on social media are frequently filled with statuses, tweets, posts and...
Occupy Wall Street Just Won
Tom Toles · It's all about their agenda now.
36 Beagles Rescued from Vivisection Breeding Facility in Spain
9 min · On the night of January 1st 2011, anonymous supporters of Animal Equality rescued 36 dogs from the vivisection breeding facility Harlan Interfauna/Isoquimen, situated in...
Neil DeGrasse Tyson: a Billion-Year Journey to Stardom
2 min · An animated look at Neil deGrasse Tyson's life story. From his humble beginnings as a subatomic particle to planetarium director to rockstar astrophysicist. *Not narrated by...
Greece Vs. The Euro: A Financial Coup d'Etat?
2 min · A week after Greek voters said No to a third bailout package, Twitter lit up with the hashtag #ThisIsACoup. We asked economist Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of CEPR and author of...
What Humans Are Really Doing to Our Planet, in 19 Jaw-Dropping Images
Michael McCutcheon · Last week, Pope Francis and church officials encouraged everyone to consume less and think more about our impact on the environment. It's a timely warning because the next six...
Can Meat Actually Be eco-friendly?
Nathanael Johnson · Should we eat meat? That’s the big question, which — for this series — I’m asking three different ways: in terms of environmental sustainability, morality, and...
The Anarchist Ideal Summed Up Beautifully in 7 Minutes
7 min · This 7-minute clip from Engines of Domination discusses the abolition of armed central authority and what kind of world that would make possible -- a world of peaceful...
Because You're Worthless - Challenging The Current Economic System in 3 Minutes
3 min · Poem by Agnes Török on the news of a new Conservative budget. Based on experiences of living in Britain under austerity as a young, queer, unemployed, female immigrant student...
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