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How "Winner Take All" Voting Inevitably Leads to a Two Party System
The problems with 'winner take all' or 'first pass the post' voting, explained via the animal kingdom. 
This is One of the Most Powerful Music Videos Ever Made
Official video for Ahmed by Lowkey ft. Mai Khalil contains devastating truths about war, migration and the underlying systemic issues that surround them.
Nina Turner's Timeless Message to the Democratic Establishment
"We are not going anywhere. We are here for the long term for ourselves and for generations yet unborn. We're going to stand up and make sure that not only is that platform...
Who Should Bernie Voters Support Now? Robert Reich Vs. Chris Hedges on Tackling the Neoliberal Order
The day after Senator Bernie Sanders spoke at the Democratic National Convention and urged his supporters to work to ensure his former rival wins the presidential race, we host...
Watch What It Really Means to Hold Space for Someone
How to Be There for the People who Need you Most. Read the article here.
The U.S. Has an Incarceration Problem
When you shrink the United States' population down to 100 people this is what you get. The United States has over 2,000,000 prisoners. Who are they? What are they in for?
Why School Sucks
I hope all of my teachers see this. - Prince EA 
The Social Construction of Reality
This is deep. "Whose story is defining the context of your reality?"
Withdraw Your Support from The Present System: Put Your Money Into a Black Bank or Credit Union
This is something everyone can do to take some of the power from the present system and put it into the people's hands. Find a bank near you...
Alan Watts: Treat Yourself Like a Cloud. Have You Ever Seen a Misshapen Cloud?
Alan Watts discusses choice and the thoughts process behind it. Our choices are fundamentally what shape our character, and more importantly our life as a whole.
Why Being Lonely Is Crucial for Survival
We all know it sucks to be lonely, but is it actually essential for our survival? Here's more on why loneliness might be a good thing.
Why Donald Trump Is a Gift to Democracy: No, Seriously. Hear This Out
They say things have to get worse before they get better. Well, here's our inflection point, if we seize it. 
How to Transform the Economy: It's about The Story
How to overcome the the forty-year-old economic story that has dominated our lives. It may seem hard, but it's not impossible. 
Eckhart Tolle: Your Facebook Ego, That's Not Who You Are
“Identification with thoughts and the emotions that go with those thoughts creates a false mind-made sense of self, conditioned by the past: the "little me" and its story. This...
Carl Sagan: We Are One Planet
A stirring speech by the legendary cosmologist Carl Sagan, on the evolution of human consciousness. Decades old but still highly applicable today. "More of us flee from war...
Alex Jones and Roger Stone Interrupt the Young Turks Republican National Convention Coverage
Alex Jones and Roger Stone interrupted The Young Turks live coverage of the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. In Part 2, The Young Turks explained what...
Wetiko - The Cannibalistic Disease Consuming Our Planet and Society
Wetiko is an Algonquin word for a cannibalistic spirit or thought-form driven by greed, excess and selfish consumption. It deludes it host into believing that consuming the...
The Future of Race in America: Michelle Alexander at Tedx
Michelle Alexander posits that mass incarceration perpetuates a racial caste system in the United States. After the Civil Rights Movement, a “wave of punitive” legislation...
Man in His Arrogance - a Great Speech by Carl Sagan
Sagan's ability to convey his ideas allowed many people to understand the cosmos better—simultaneously emphasizing the value and worthiness of the human race, and the relative...
4 Black Lives Matter Myths Debunked
Black Lives Matter is a powerful and influential movement for justice and empathy. Because the movement is challenging systems of racial oppression in the United States, there...
Animals Embody "Human Exclusive" Emotions
A video about animals embodying once thought human exclusive emotions like love, grief, happiness, joy and anger. We grant them way too little in their capacity to feel. This...
How Did Hitler Rise to Power?
Decades after the fall of the Third Reich, it feels impossible to understand how Adolf Hitler, the tyrant who orchestrated one of the largest genocides in human history, could...
Turkey's Failed Military Coup, Explained
The attempted coup against Turkish President Erdoğan might have failed, but plenty of problems still await him.
Success at School Vs Success in Life
Many people who do brilliantly at school turn out not to do so well at life. Why?  "We want to do well at school for an obvious reason: because – as we’re often told – it’s...
Putting Out the UnWelcome Mat: Democracy Handbook with Bassem Youssef Ep. 1
Bassem Youssef think's he's found a quick fix for our nation's immigration problem: Stop making yourself look so enticing to the rest of the world, and take a cue from Flint...
Game of Thrones Has Some Useful Advice for People that Want to Change the World
In Part 1, we learn why Tyrion Lannister has a knack for staying alive. He is constantly getting into trouble and talking his way out. But Tyrion's genius is replicable if you...
RSA ANIMATE: Economics Is for Everyone!
‘Economics is for everyone’, argues legendary economist Ha-Joon Chang in our latest mind-blowing RSA Animate. This is the video economists don’t want you to see! Chang explains...
The Importance of Staring Out of the Window
We are so busy and so obsessed with our phones, we rarely take a break to do that vital and rather philosophical thing: stare out of the window. 
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Municipal Violations
If you have money, committing a municipal violation may pose you a minor inconvenience. If you don’t, it can ruin your life.
Why and How to Say Sorry
Apologising doesn't generally come easily - but it always tends to pay off beautifully.
Loved Ones, Episode 1: Disability and Police Terror
"Loved Ones" is a series of short documentaries that follow the work of Lisa Ganser, an artist and anti-police terror activist. This first episode is dedicated to people with...
The Leader of the Coming Revolution
Looking for someone to lead the coming revolution? Right now there are a lot of people looking for a revolutionary leader; they are looking for someone to step up and organize...
How to Build a Place-Based Economy Where You Live
How can communities rethink ownership to remedy poverty? In this powerful talk, Eric Kornacki shares the story of his journey carrying lessons learned from Central American...
Global Wealth Inequality - What You Never Knew You Never Knew
The richest 300 people in the world are more wealthy than the poorest 3 billion combined, and every year rich countries take over 10 times more money from poor countries than...
After Largest Dam Removal in U.S. History, This River Is Thriving
Conservationists can now point to the largest dam removal project in the U.S. as a success story. The ecosystem of Washington's Elwha River has been thriving since the removal...
NYT's James Risen & Abby Martin on Fighting Censorship, Endless War
Few journalists know the cruelty of government censorship as well as James Risen, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist at the New York Times, targeted for several major stories...
How to Remain Calm With People
Remaining calm around people who annoy us is one of the great life skills. It's also a teachable and learnable skill. Want help reaching your own state of calm? "One of the...
Stewart Lee on UKIP and the Absurdity of Their Anti-Immigration Rhetoric
"Coming over here..."
Epic Rant Directs Anger over Brexit at the F!*£ING TORIES
Reporter Pie is dismayed at the Remain's reaction to Brexit!
In Praise of Short-Term Love
So much in our culture emphasises long-term love; it may be time to hear a word or two in praise of the short-term approach.
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Brexit Update
The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, and it looks like it may not be an especially smooth transition.
Democratic Party: Change or Lose in November
The Democratic Party deserves a reformation. It can either choose to embrace a more progressive agenda and modify its primary nomination rules, or risk losing in November...
Gabor Mate on the Myth of Normal
Physician Dr. Gabor Mate began his interview by addressing the 'myth of normal' that divides us into the normal and the abnormal with pathological traits. Dr. Mate mentions...
Degrowth: A Vocabulary for a New Era
Degrowth: A vocabulary for a new era is a book edited by Giacomo D'Alisa, Federico Demaria and Giorgos Kallis, which consists of over 50 entries covering various themes related...
Watch: How Ayahuasca Can Break Addiction's Grip on the Brain
In this video, Dr. Gabor Maté explains how addiction imprints itself on the brain and how ayahuasca can help release people from their destructive habits. "Ayahuasca shows you...
If A Friend is Feeling Sad, Trying to 'Cheer Them Up' Might Not Be The Best Approach
When we're down or melancholy, the last thing we need is someone who will jolly us along.
The Pale Blue Dot
“Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out...
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Brexit
Britain could soon vote to leave the European Union. John Oliver enlists a barbershop quartet to propose a smarter option. 
How To Find True Love (My 3 Secrets)
I looooove my partner of 11 years like no other.. check out how you can find your true love. ♥  - Adina Rivers
Gun Laws Around the World
American exceptionalism isn't always a good thing. When it comes to mass shootings, we're definitely exceptional - with the highest number of mass shootings of any country from...