Why you don`t need to worry about $18 Trillion US Debt

Congratulations to the United States Govt. for just accumulating $18 Trillion in debt! But no worries let's look at some of the biggest reasons why YOU don't need to worry about it. #1. "They can get it under control."  What a massive lie. Politicians have been saying this for decades.  FACT: The last time the US debt actually decreased was 1957!!!  FACT: the last several years the US government has been spent 90% of tax revenue just to pay for mandatory entitlement programs and interest on the debt. #2. " The debt doesn't matter because we owe it to ourselves."  This is probably the biggest lie of all. Two of the Social Security trust funds alone own $2.72 trillion of US debt. The federal government owes this money to current and future beneficiaries of those trust funds, i.e... read more
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Why you don`t need to worry about $18 Trillion US Debt