Taiwan Shoeing Movement 台灣丟鞋運動

"Shoe! 咻!" a shoe-flying movement to the Govt. 2013 is the year of Shoeing kick-started in Taiwan, from students, housewives to social activists were all crazy about throwing their shoes at Ma Ying-jeou (the president of the Republic of China in-exile & KMT) and some of his men, whenever opportunity presents. Due to the public discontent climbs while the economy, employment and social justice continues to nosedive, also Ma's ongoing mistreatment of imprisoned and ailing Chen Shui-bian,  the ex-president and his controversial conviction at a no-jury trial, to those unhappy with Ma's tilt to China, along with anger over the  brutal death of an army conscript, and the wiretap scandal involving the Legislative Yuan... the list goes on. 自20... read more
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Taiwan Shoeing Movement 台灣丟鞋運動