Sunflowers Everywhere 遍地開花

"Sunflowers Everywhere 遍地開花!" Anything is possible when you sowing the seeds of Democracy, Taiwan after the Sunflower Movement (2014~2016): (1)大腸花論壇 Trash Talks Forum@Presidential Palace, (2)反核萬人癱瘓市中心 50,000 Protesters Stop the Traffic of TaipeI, (3)聲援香港雨傘運動 Taiwan for Umbrella Movement, (4)巢運夜宿帝寶 #‎HousingMovement #‎OccupyThePalace‬‬, (5)901消防員遊行 1st Firefighters Protest March in Taiwan, (6)譴責美以加薩屠殺 Let Gaza Live@Israel Economic and Cultural Office, (7)國防部踹共 Protest@Ministry Of Defence, (8)舉火把敬泰源烈士 Torches for Taiyuan Martyrs of Taiwan Independence, (9)從松菸護樹到拆蛋運動 From Songyan Tree Protection To Taipei Breaking Dome, (10)台灣奸商血汗工廠 1 of the SweatShops Richman@Taiwan, (11)柯P拆忠孝西公車道派對 The 1st Taipei City Street Reform Party, (12)賤民公共空間派對 Jamming Free Party in Town... read more
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Sunflowers Everywhere 遍地開花