Cari Hutan - In Search of Forest (2011)

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According to several NGO's "Cari Hutan - In Search of Forest" is one of the most informative, educative, yet entertaining documentaries ever made about the subject of deforestation in Indonesia.

 “Cari Hutan” is, above all, a road movie that takes the audience on a journey, by hitchhiking and boat, through Kalimantan in search of the last remaining forests. A film that unleashes a flood of information about corruption, mismanagement, greed and poverty - the sad story of our last remaining forests.

Eventually it follows the traces of destruction to Jakarta and Germany. Not only locals, the inhabitants of the forests, farmers and loggers are being interviewed, but also prominent journalists, scientist and most importantly Prof. Bungaran Saragih, former Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Indonesia, who is responsible for a large part of the destruction.

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