Move Your Money from Banks to Credit Unions

Join Matthew Cooke and Susan Sarandon by pledging to withdraw your money from these big banks until they agree to:

1. Divest from Energy Transfer Partners, the parent company of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

2. Pressure President Obama to halt construction and put a stop to the human rights violations against the Native Americans at Standing Rock. 

When you go to your bank (Bank of America, HSBC, UBS, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank, etc.) film yourself withdrawing money and telling the bank until they divest from Dakota Access Pipeline you will take your business to Federal Credit Unions.

Native Americans have been putting their bodies on the line to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline for months. It’s time for us to join them any way we can. Social , economic and environmental justice are all connected.

Sign Susan Sarandon's Care2 petition to show the big banks funding DAPL that we're the ones with the power. 

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Move Your Money from Banks to Credit Unions