Regenerative Revolution
An action to bring together a unified transformation team, key-holders for unlocking next culture for everybody.
Regenerative Revolution
Erik Lawyer from announcing the invitation to participate in the unified transformation team.
By Erik Lawyer /

10 minute explanation video:


Regenerative Revolution

  • A Call to Catalyze a Worldwide
    to extinguish
    Crises, Conflict & Corruption
    with LOVE

    Activating our Super Hero Qualities for the GOOD OF ALL
  • Do you feel overwhelmed at times with all the crises and conflicts that are plaguing our communities and our world?

    Are you sick and tired of corrupt governments being controlled by a few corrupt mega-corporations?

    Do you believe that to truly solve our crises, conflicts and corruption that we need a radically new and compassionate approach that starts from the heart?

    Well, you’re not alone.


    Hi, my name is Erik Lawyer.

    I was a Seattle firefighter that went out to Ground Zero to support other firefighters and attend our fallen Brother’s funerals in the weeks following 9/11/01.

    After witnessing the massive destruction and psychological trauma first hand I wanted revenge against the Middle East.

    After what I call my shadow awakening, I wanted revenge against the Shadow Government.

    It wasn’t until my own spiritual awakening that I saw another solution was possible. 

    With the help of a stranger who offered me support and a new perspective, I began to see the world in an entirely new light. I realized that there is a massive, humble yet very powerful, community of heart-centered people and organizations that have been working for years to build the new systems, solutions, platforms, communities, trainings and programs that are creating a world that works for everyone.

    I also have come to believe our culture and our systems are bringing out the worst in us, and its time to change them.


    This invitation is in Honor of the worldwide community of heart-centered mindful people who are serving and giving to the Greater Good. The abundance generated from this will go to support the service work of this community.

    I’m honored, and humbled, to be able to invite you into a last minute opportunity that has come together because of the devotion, faith and commitment of several heart-centered organizations and individuals that are part of this greater community of service.


     THIS IS NOW A CALL FOR A RAPID RESPONSE TEAM to BACKUP the existing organizations and people who are already responding to the Crises, Conflicts & Corruption.  They need more integrated support that includes a highly unified team that is able to back them up with Love & Prayers, Social Media, Fundraising, Skilled and Unskilled Support, and more.


  • 24-Hour Rapid INVITATION
    for the Highest Good of All

  • As we approach the chaotic 2016 US election & 15-year anniversary of 9/11 with the escalating wars on terror, our environment, our life-support systems and our souls we believe we have an incredible opportunity to catalyze something that could radically change everything.  This is a powerful trim-tab and can offer a powerful elegant intervention to change the rules of the game.

    We also believe that it could begin with a deeply aligned team that has the capacity and the training to rapidly respond to our ever-increasing Social & Planetary crises with Love, prayers, meditations, time, money and other gifts.


    This is an intentional LAST MINUTE Invitation with a rapid response request in order to activate the Hero Qualities in the people ready to catalyze a Worldwide Crises, Conflict & Corruption RAPID RESPONSE TEAM.


    We are inviting you, and your Hero Qualities, to help catalyze this team in one of two ways.

    1. Support Team: we invite you to play a critical role in catalyzing this team with your gifts of love, prayers, social media, time, money, or other resources.
    2. First-IN Team: we invite you to attend a 5-day gathering from Aug 4th-8th at the New Frontier Ranch in Ashland, Oregon to go through deep bonding processes, heart-centered culture building, unified training and next steps exploration together.

    There will only be space for 99 deeply aligned people on the First-IN Team.



    The First-IN Team gathering is NOT for everyone.


    Receiving a LAST MINUTE invite in your already busy personal and work life could potentially ADD a lot of stress, and create more chaos by the sheer thought of rearranging everything to be here.

    Our intention is not to disrupt.

    Our intention is to create a sacred container to support those who feel deeply called, and have the capacity, to be part of the CORE Team that responds to emerging crises and conflicts with Love in Action.


    With a last minute invitation we know that those who do show up are deeply committed and have the time and capacity to do the deep team inner work needed to powerfully launch several upcoming heart-centered campaigns. These campaigns will be in support of the US Election cycle, the 15-year anniversary of 9/11, the International Day of Peace and Global Oneness Day.


    We invite you to listen in to the deeper call within your own higher purpose, as we are looking for a heart-centered, mindful and right-timing YES or No.

    This is about a shift from individual coherence to worldwide coherence, its about shifting from 'them' to 'we.'

    YES, we are the Ones we have been waiting for.

    We also realize and completely honor that although you may be deeply aligned, you will be more available with a time in the near future to join this endeavor.

    AND again, even if you are unable to attend in person we still invite you to be a part of the Support Team with your gifts of love, prayers, time, money, or other resources.


    To help you sense in and discover if the in-person gathering is for you, we offer these five questions:

    1. Would you like to be part of a deeply bonded and unified team that while ‘on duty,’ will respond at a moments notice to Community, Social & Planetary CRISES?
    2. Do you have, or are you willing to develop, the CAPACITY TO RAPIDLY RESPOND while remaining calm in highly stressful and chaotic situations?
    3. Are you willing to do intensive and immersive heart-centered training with other like-minded individuals so that we have a BIGGER IMPACT together?
    4. Are you READY to be part of a family (lumps and all) that has each other’s back NO MATTER WHAT as we go into the fires together?
    5. Are you willing to take a Last Minute LEAP OF FAITH with others who are willing to leap with you?

     IF you answered No to any of them, and you still want to be part of the team, then we invite you to become part of the Support Team.

    IF you answered YES to ALL of them, then we invite you to apply to become part of the CORE Team.



    A World-class and Worldwide team and has come together to make this happen. 


    The Gathering CORE Team:

    One Becoming One has Gifted their time, experience, and connections to host The Gathering.

    The New Frontier Ranch has Gifted the use of their entire ranch, training and event facilities to support The Gathering.

    The Flourishing Leadership Trainers are willing to travel from around the country and have Gifted more than 1/2 of their standard rates to support The Gathering.

    The Next Culture Trainers are willing to travel from around the world and have Gifted more than 1/2 of their standard rates to support The Gathering.

    Trifecta Nutrition has agreed to provide their organic food better than wholesale to support The Gathering.

    The WiseUSA Community will be one of our first communities to support.


    The Gathering SUPPORT Team:


    In order for this to happen now we need a Worldwide Wave of Support with your Gifts from the Heart.


    To help you understand our request, we'll share a comparison of cultures.

    Existing Culture: We are all independent individuals responsible only for ourselves.
    Because scarcity is my focus, I only give if I receive something tangible in return.

    In the existing culture people serving the Greater Good are also expected to solely fund their service.

    NEXT Culture: We are interdependent, unique and sovereign individuals who make up 1 Body. Everyone is radically responsible for themselves first, their family, their community and the world. Because abundance is my focus and I see and support the Greatness in every member of the larger Human family, I freely share from my heart that which feels good and in service to the Highest Good of All.


    Here's why we want it to be a Gift from the Heart:

    1. When we all share from the heart we create the space for us All to show up in our Greatness.
    2. Some of the people and organizations needed to build the Greatest Rapid Response Team have been working for years with limited resources to develop their tools, systems, platforms and skills.  This means some of them need additional support in the form of money to make it happen NOW.



    Here's our SHARED INTENTION:

    We would like this entire gathering to BE GIFTED while being OPEN TO DONATIONS of money, time or resources from EVERY ATTENDEE.

    We also realize we still are within a larger scarcity based operating system, and we may need to use the old model to make this happen.




    IF YOU ARE HOLDING the INTENTION OF A GIFTED Gathering to create a Crises, Conflict & Corruption RAPID RESPONSE TEAM WITH US, then we invite you to CONTRIBUTE to the Response Team to make this happen.




  • WHAT we are doing at The Gathering:

    We will gather on Sacred Land in order to create a Sacred Trust grounded in Radically Responsible Culture we build together. Then as a deeply resonant and tightly bonded CORE Team we will enter into an Appreciative Inquiry Summit to co-discover the next best steps to begin the process of:

    1. Unifying & coordinating our upcooming shared Subtle (Love & Prayers) & Social Activism campaigns to honor, include and amplify Impact, starting with a soft launch of the WiseUSA Initiative on September 1, 2016 and including the 9/11 World Prayer.
    2. Identifying & aligning around the Next Story that can seed a Unitive, Sovereign & Abundant Cultural Revolution in a way that includes, honors, transcends and uplifts our individual lives, families, organizations, communities, and nations.
    3. Connecting & self-organizing to lay the framework of a next generation hybrid organization that integrates Socially Responsible Business with Heart-centered Service in order to better support existing Indigenous, Faith-based, & Atheism organizations already serving their communities.



    WHEN we are gathering:

    Aug 4th-10:00 Pacific - Aug 8th 17:00 Pacific



    WHERE we are gathering:

    New Frontier Ranch, Ashland Oregon




    WHO is hosting, producing, and providing services at the gathering:

    Hosting: One Becoming One Community
    Producing: Flourishing Leadership Institute
    Training: Next Culture Trainers & Flourishing Leadership Community
    Organic Meals: Trifecta Nuturition

    WHO is invited to the gathering:

    YOU ARE: Sign Up Here!!!

    Our intention is to invite the World Community of those who feel most aligned to be part of this in some way AND invite the Key Partners who are holding the systems, solutions, tools, platforms, networks, and wisdom to create the framework for a Rapide Response Team that can respond to social and planetary crises, conflict and corruption.

    Another intention is to share the responsibility of strategically inviting a diverse and deep representation of our nation’s cultures and beliefs by inviting heart-centered people of influence in any of the Next Roles:

    • The Next culture TRAINERS
    • The Next flourishing Leadership TEAMS
    • The Next heart-centered, mindful, embodied SPACE HOLDERS
    • The Next heart-centered, mindful, embodied, radically responsible LEADERS
    • The Next influential REPRESENTATIVES
    • The Next campaign COORDINATORS
    • The Next STORY TELLERS
    • The Next conscious CELEBRITIES
    • The Next intentional COMMUNITIES
    • The Next energetic, social and technology systems FRAMERS
    • The Next hybrid model BUILDERS
    • The Next social PLATFORMS
    • The Next mindful INVESTORS & DONORS
    • The Next socially responsible BUSINESSES
    • The Next emergency, conflict & crises RESPONDERS
    • The Next heart-centered community service CHURCHES
    • The Next from citizen to SERVANTS
    • The Next underprivileged UpLIFTERS

    Sign Up Here!!! 

    How it works:

    If you feel called to SUPPORT this Gathering, please go to The Contributions page. 

    If you feel called to ATTEND this Gathering, please complete the First Team Application


    The Gathering ATTENDEES will include 55 people invited by the One Becoming One Community AND 44 people invited from the greater world community.

    The final 99 will be selected by The Gathering Selection Team.

    The Gathering Selection Team will select participants based on key factors to Maximize Impact for the Highest Good of All. 

    These factors include:

    • Time and Date you complete the Application 
    • Date you need to know if you have been selected.
    • Your Level of Commitment ("ALL In" will be considered first)
    • The Role you are being invited in for
    • The Diversity & Depth of the Invitees
    • The Diversity & Depth of the Skill Sets
    • Your Needs & Offers



    HOW much it costs to attend:


    We will update you before you have to make a final decision, and WE WILL RETURN your money if you do not want to come after learning the final cost to attend.

  • Backstory of The Gathering

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Regenerative Revolution