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There's a Massive, Illicit Bust of Edward Snowden Stuck to a War Monument in Brooklyn
While most people slept, a trio of artists and some helpers installed a bust of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in Brooklyn on Monday morning. The group, which allowed ANIMAL to exclusively document the installation on the condition that we hide their identities, hauled the...
#SaveTheInternet: Web Giants Rally against FCC proposal
American web companies took on the government Wednesday, displaying messages to millions of users warning about the dangers of the Federal Communications Commission’s proposed changes to net neutrality. The government agency is looking to approve a new plan that critics say...
This Is John Oliver's Epic Treatise Calling On The Internet To Prevent Cable Company F-ckery
Cable companies are trying to create an unequal playing field for internet speeds, but they're doing it so boringly that most news outlets aren't covering it. John Oliver explains the controversy and lets viewers know how they can voice their displeasure to the...
Net Neutrality in the US: Now What?
Vihart: Comprehensive info. Time is of the essence, so forgive my inevitable errors. We've stopped things like this before! You have power if you bother to take it.  Much links and fun times below: 
Internet Citizens: Defend Net Neutrality
A short, animated video explaining net neutrality. Tell the FCC to reclassify broadband internet as a title II common carrier telecommunications service: Discuss this video:
Bill Moyers Essay: What Happened to Obama's Promised Net Neutrality? (2014)
Candidate Obama said the Internet would remain open and free, but that's before he appointed a former cable and wireless top gun to run the FCC.
Net Neutrality - What a Closed Internet Means for Video Games
The debate about net neutrality rages on, but the meaning of "open internet" vs. "closed internet" is seldom explained. Without an open or neutral internet, corporations like AT&T or Comcast can restrict bandwidth and charge people extra for faster connections or limit access...
Moyers & Company:  Is Net Neutrality Dead? (2014)
Democracy loses if the Internet's sold to the highest bidder -- and that may be what's about to happen.
Opening Access: A Look at the People's Media
A half-hour special presentation of a bold new vision for community media. Combining archival footage with interviews and b-roll, Opening Access presents a compelling picture of an emerging model for alternative media that will engage new communities and new voices.
The Internet Must Go (2013)
The Internet Must Go is a video mockumentary which follows the character John Wooley, a market researcher who tries to come up with a plan for how internet service providers can try to market what internet access would look like without network...
Al Franken Exposes Misinformation On Net Neutrality (2011)
Senator Al Franken explains why net neutrality is important to both the American citizen and the American business owner by dispelling the misinformation claiming net neutrality is a government takeover of the internet.  Instead, net neutrality is exactly how the internet...
Abandoning Net Neutrality:  FCC Chair Backs Two-Tiered Internet Fees (2010)
The Federal Communications Commission is being accused of abandoning "net neutrality" rules that would ensure a free and open internet. On Wednesday, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski unveiled proposals that would allow internet service providers to charge higher fees for...
Sen. Al Franken on Net Neutrality
Sen. Al Franken speaks up for Net Neutrality at a public hearing in Minneapolis on Thursday, Aug. 19, 2010. Video courtesy of
Moyers on America: The Net @ Risk (2006)
The future of the Internet is up for grabs. Big corporations are lobbying Washington to turn the gateway to the Web into a toll road. Yet the public knows little about what's happening behind closed doors where the future of democracy's newest forum is being decided.
Humanity Lobotomy (a short film about Net Neutrality)
The internet has was designed to be an open platform where anyone can create a website and any information can pass through a connection. If big business starts to be selective about what can pass through it will be like when the FCC cracked down on early radio expression and...
Now Hear This: Network Neutrality Is Critical
Graphic designer Michael Mahaffey, in collaboration with ill.gates, wants you to listen up with his activist video about Net Neutrality. Take action at
Tell Congress: Pass Net Neutrality Now
The phone and cable companies are scrambling to kill Net Neutrality so they can inspect and filter content, and overcharge you for using the Web in ways they don't like. Over the past six months alone, these companies have hired 500 lobbyists in Washington to try to stop this...
Net Neutrality Rock: "Help me become a law!"
Network Neutrality -- or "Net Neutrality" for short -- is the guiding principle that preserves the free and open Internet. Put simply, Net Neutrality means no discrimination. Net Neutrality prevents Internet providers from blocking, speeding up or slowing down Web content...
Breaking news in Congress: Net Neutrality needs YOU
Don't take the Internet for granted. The Internet Freedom Preservation Act (HR 5353) will guarantee Net Neutrality protections for everyone. We must pass this bill to protect everyone's right to connect with one another without being blocked by phone and cable companies. You...