We're #NotOnTheMenu - Restaurant Workers Challenge Sexual Harassment and Call for One Fair Wage

If you’re a woman living off tips, you’re practically guaranteed to deal with sexual harassment. We’re tired of being told to accept it as ‘just part of the job.’ We are tired of feeling like standing up for ourselves means putting our job on the line. We're tired of letting this giant industry get away with paying women a subminimum wage and showing us that our worth should be linked to enduring harassment from customers, co-workers and managers. October 14th 2014 women protested widespread sexual harassment in the restaurant industry by rallying in NYC and several cities across the country. Numerous leading women’s rights organizations and feminists have joined the fight -- One Billion Rising, V-Day, Hollaback!, National Organization for Women, Equal Rights Advocates, and more. On... read more
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We're #NotOnTheMenu - Restaurant Workers Challenge Sexual Harassment and Call for One Fair Wage