Voice I Am - Leilie

Voice I AM addresses the oppression of women in Iran and Middle East. 
Our heroine is living a life surrounded by injustice and social restrictions. Our heroine will perform with a young girl representing her own childhood.

A contemporary dance troupe will perform a series of symbolic dance routines to represent elements of the narrative and social issues faces by women. 



Music video for "Voice I Am" performed by Leilie Mohseni. http://www.leiliemohseni.com/ https://www.facebook.com/LeilieMohseni/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmWfA5QLXfJyOjQh-KQTZlw https://instagram.com/leilie_mohseni/ نماآهنگ: "صدا" آهنگ و تنظیم: مجید کاظمی خواننده و ترانه سرا: لیلی محسنی کارگردان: ایلیا صادقی "صدا" از زنان جامعه ای می گوید که نه تنها شنیدن صدایشان ممنوع است که از ابتدایی ترین حقوق انسانی خود محرومند.

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Voice I Am - Leilie