The Story of Cap & Trade
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The Story of Cap & Trade is a fast-paced, fact-filled look at the leading climate solution being discussed at Copenhagen and on Capitol Hill. Host Annie Leonard introduces the energy traders and Wall Street financiers at the heart of this scheme and reveals the "devils in the details" in current cap and trade proposals: free permits to big polluters, fake offsets and distraction from what's really required to tackle the climate crisis. If you've heard about Cap & Trade, but aren't sure how it works (or who benefits), this is the film is for you.

It should be clear, however, that real solutions are needed to address climate destabilization.

A straight carbon tax would be effective, but many people still don't know the difference between Cap & Trade and a proposal like Fee & Dividend, which is the most popular idea being promoted by authentic activists and organizations like To the fossil-fuel industry, they are intent to make sure you think that all proposals are the same, that all plans that utter the "C" word are evil, but they're not all the same. And it's essential for the public to learn the difference.

An excellent F.A.Q that explains the differences between Fee & Dividend and Cap & Trade can be found here.
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