The Man Who Stopped the Desert (2010) ($4)

As early as the 1970's the word ' Sahel ', a word that describes that bleak land between the Sahara desert and the wet forest of tropical Africa , had become synonymous with famine and poverty. Year by year desert conditions continued to creep southwards, extending ever further into the once agriculturally productive lands of the Sahel . People began to abandon their traditional homelands, turning their backs on once thriving villages and moving towards a new life in the cities. By the 1980's the region, which then had a population of some 30 million, suffered from regular droughts and starvation. Many villages became deserted, yet Yacouba Sawadogo, a farmer living in northern Burkina Faso , right at the heart of this crisis, decided he would remain steadfast against the creeping... read more
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The Man Who Stopped the Desert (2010)