Joanna Macy: From The Great Unraveling to The Great Turning

Prayer for the Great Turning May the turning of the Earth save us. May the turning of the seasons & the turning of the leaves save us. May we be saved by the worms, the beetles & the microbes turning the soil. May we be saved by the turning of vegetation into compost & the turning of compost into rich soil. May the turning of seeds into plants & the turning of flowers into fruits save us. May the grasses & weeds, the vines & mosses all conspire to save us. May we be saved by the turning of sprouts into saplings, of saplings into trees, & the trees into forests. May the scurrying, foraging, pouncing & lumbering of the animals save us. May the breath of heaven in the breezes & the stormy winds save us. May the dance of the butterflies, & the musical flight & return of the birds save... read more
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Joanna Macy: From The Great Unraveling to The Great Turning