REDD+ in Madagascar: You Can't See The Wood for the Carbon

In 2003, Madagascar’s previous president set the objective of increasing the size of the country’s protected areas from 1.7 to 6 million hectares. Ten years after this announcement, the UN programme REDD+ has become an essential part of national conservation strategies. The country has launched four REDD+ pilot projects, each led by large conservation NGOs. For these NGOs, carbon finance now seems the most promising option for the sustainable management of protected areas. Some of the NGOs have already started selling carbon credits from protected areas on the voluntary carbon markets. Others intend to follow suit, such as the French foundation GoodPlanet/Etc Terra and WWF Madagascar, who have been in charge of the Holistic Conservation Programme for Forests (HCPF) in... read more
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REDD+ in Madagascar: You Can't See The Wood for the Carbon