ONE PLANET Featuring Joel McKerrow

Let's just say, just purely hypothetically of course, I know it's completely ridiculous but what if we had, only ONE planet, just one. One planet to live on. One planet to breathe and eat from. One planet to make our day upon, make our way upon, make our cities upon, to sink our teeth into, one ocean, one sky, one people, one life. A fim by: Daniel Wieckmann Music By: Josh Fuhrmeister Featuring: Joel McKerrow Performance Director: Christian Woodmansey Little Girl: Sara-Jane McIlory Produced By: Thomas Barnes Executive Producers: Coby Hallas & Paul Flavel Camera Assistant: Jackson Strafford Lead Projectionist: Simon Burgin 3D Animation: Nico Lynguris 2D Animation: Axel Ketz Key Grip: Joel Taylor Runner: John Koch Catering: Hayley Barnes Production & Online: Kintaro Studios THIS... read more
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ONE PLANET Featuring Joel McKerrow