Obama Supporters Actually Hate Obama's Policies
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Obama supporters condemn right-wing-sounding policies when they think they’re Romney’s, but either excuse them or go into denial  when told that the policies are actually Obama’s.

Here are some of the sources that were mentioned throughout the interviews 

1st question, part 1 - Obama, in Europe, signs Patriot Act extension

1st question, part 2 - Warrantless Spying Skyrockets Under Obama

2nd question - President Obama Signed the National Defense Authorization Act - Now What?

3rd question - Secret 'Kill List' Proves a Test of Obama's Principles and Will

4th question - Drone wars and state secrecy -- how Barack Obama became a hardliner

Summary from We Are Change: "Luke Rudkowski hits the streets of NYC to find out where Obama supporters really stand on his policies. Now he did this in an underhanded way where the policies where presented to be Romney's, but this was only done to get an honest opinion. The reactions when the truth was uncovered varied but they were very telling to say the least. But please note  this video is NOT in support of Mitt Romney, in any way, nor is this organization.***

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