Tea with Babe Walsh (Ferryland)

Babe Walsh is an 83 year old woman from Ferryland, Newfoundland who lives on the same waterfront property that she was born and raised on. Every winter when the snows arrive, she packs up and goes to a retirement home in Witless Bay where she spends her days walking on the road, waving to passers-by. Rest assured though, come May, she is back home on the farm. I first met Babe two years ago when doing research on traditional farming along the Southern Shore. Known locally for her dedication to the Newfoundland Pony as a heritage animal, Babe is an outspoken crusader with a deep capacity for warmth and compassion. Since our first visit, I have spent countless hours with her learning about everything from local folk beliefs and legends to traditional skills such as haymaking and animal rearing. This is a snapshot of the friendship we have formed, and a portrait of the generosity that still thrives in the outports today.

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Tea with Babe Walsh (Ferryland)