Mums making history, an inspiring Mother's day story.

Like mother, like daughter. Activist mothers, juggling family commitments with intense contributions to famous social movements. Filmed on Mother's day at the Bentley Blockade, 4 days before the government suspended Metgasco's license to mine gas, and celebrations erupted. Terri Nicholson’s ascent to lock on and frustrate Metgasco’s entrance to the property where it proposed to disrupt the peaceful and pristine farmlands of Bentley with the first of possibly hundreds of gas wells. Dozens of Northern Rivers residents, many of them mothers, participated in a rostered, round-the-clock lock on to installations above and below ground. These lock-ons are affectionately named Simmos, after the first lock-on who was instrumental in the 2013 Doubtful Creek Blockade, which was eventually... read more
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Mums making history, an inspiring Mother's day story.