How Transformational Festival Culture Is Modelling Sustainability

Transformational festival culture strives to create and become the more beautiful world it imagines. Traveling to several of these festivals across the world, this short film looks at the ways these festival communities are putting sustainability into practice.

Certainly, sustainability is a journey and not a destination. What is captured in this film is the beginning of a process that will continue with every generation. And beyond the simple sustaining of our culture and ecology, transformational culture seeks to imagine regenerative ways of living that aren't just neutral but are mutually beneficial to all Earth and people systems.

One of the beautiful things I think that is captured in this video is their spirit of creativity. They aren't waiting until they have it all figured out and can do everything 100% perfectly. They are taking the next logical steps in front of them and are content to evolve and improve as they go.

- Films For Action


Featured Festivals
Luminate (New Zealand)
Lucidity (California)
Envision (Costa Rica)
Boom (Portugal)

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How Transformational Festival Culture Is Modelling Sustainability