Journey to Rockmont: Three Days of Light - A Consciousness Shifting Story (2012)
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Join gonzo journalist Brendon (aka Skull Babylon) as he sets off on a journey to reunite with long lost new found friends and spirit family at the Three Days of Light consciousness festival and retreat.

Synopsis: Through this story we see first hand accounts of the youth and non-youth here on this planet today who are passionate about exploring spirituality as a means to refine their identities to then go out and change the world- to choose be the change they wish to see.

This is an inspiring story to unite all of those who see it with a knowing that as a global community we have the potential and privilege to co-create, educate, and celebrate a better world.

The paradigms are shifting, and Skull Babylon is here to bring you the story first hand.
This film was made as a labour of love and released online for free. Consider donating to help support future consciousness shifting projects at and

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