Exotic Tropical Fruit: Salak AKA Snake Fruit

Exotic Tropical Fruit: Salak AKA Snake Fruit click here: https://youtu.be/5h-lzN1URQk Salak, also known as Snake Fruit, is a wild and crazy exotic fruit. Some people say it's an acquired taste but we absolutely love them. High in Potassium and Pectin, in their native country of Indonesia they call it the memory fruit. It has a very unique flavor that is often described as sweet and sour with undertones of pineapple and has a crisp texture like an apple. The nickname "snake fruit" comes from the incredibly close resemblance their skin has to real snake skin. I'm wondering if we can make some boots with it?? I have read they can have a constipation effect if you eat too much, which is easy to do, so take it slow when you get a chance to try these delectable goodies. Please SUBSCRIBE... read more
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Exotic Tropical Fruit: Salak AKA Snake Fruit