A Cosmic Journey into the Fractal Universe
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The realm we exist in is so unimaginably huge, yet so incredibly detailed. We couldn't even begin to comprehend the true complexity of this cosmic domain. 

This Video mash shows a section of the IMAX movie Cosmic Voyage. It puts big and small into perspective and takes you on a voyage through the universe!
Fractals has always intrigued me to a great degree. Fractals at the same time puts infinity into some perspective, even though infinity itself engulfs all sort of perception.  Infinity for real means something too massive or too small and hence too complex to even comprehend yet it has information at every level of its existence. Any attempt of explanation is infinitely small and vague compared to its complexity by default!!
This is a video mash of bits of several videos put together, organised yet a lill chaotic,  various orders to make some sense out of the way of it. Some are hypothetical but most are factual, but none is real, apart from Morgan Freeman's voice ;)
on Thu, Feb 28 2013 · 4,619 Views
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